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The Future

The Future
Images and Processes

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September 1994 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This collection of essays by Kenneth and Elise Boulding, spanning a period of 28 years, highlights both the differences and commonalities in thought between these two world renowned and much admired futurist scholars. The overarching theme is a passionate conviction that the world is in dire need of mending. This collection has been brought together in tribute to the life and work of Kenneth Boulding and his dedication to the study of the future as more than an intellectual curiosity, as something which is essential to the survival of humanity itself.
Kenneth Boulding with an addendum by Elise Boulding
Expecting the Unexpected
The Uncertain Future of Knowledge and Technology (1966)

The Limits to Societal Growth (1979)
World Society
The Range of Possible Futures (1983)

Power and Betterment in the Economy (1991)
Moving from Unstable to Stable Peace (1988)
Elise Boulding
Image and Action in Peace Building (1988)
Familia Faber
The Family as Maker of the Future (1983)

How Children See Their World and Make Their Futures (1979)
Women's Movements and Social Transformation in the Twentieth Century (1993)
The Dialectics of Peace (1990)

Elise Boulding

Kenneth E. Boulding

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