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The Exclusive Society

The Exclusive Society
Social Exclusion, Crime and Difference in Late Modernity

  • Jock Young - John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York and University of Kent

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June 1999 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this major new work, which Zygmunt Bauman calls a 'tour de force of breathtaking erudition and clarity', Jock Young charts the movement of the social fabric in the last third of the twenthieth century from an inclusive society of stability and homogeneity to an exclusive society of change and division. Jock Young, one of the foremost criminologists of our time, explores exclusion on three levels: economic exclusion from the labour market; social exclusion between people in civil society; and the ever-expanding exclusionary activities of the criminal justice system. Taking account of the massive dramatic structural and cultural changes that have beset our society and relating these to the quantum leap in crime and incivilities, Jock Young develops a major new theory based on a new citizenship and a reflexive modernity.
From Inclusive to Exclusive Society
Crime and Discord in an Age of Late Modernity
Cannibalism and Bulimia
Essentialising the Other
Demonisation and the Creation of Monstrosity

The Criminology of Intolerance
Zero Tolerance Policing and The American Prison Experiment

A World Holding Together and Falling Apart
Holding Chaos in Abeyance
The Maintenance of Order amongst Lightly Engaged Strangers

The Contradictory World of Late Modernity

'The Exclusive Society is another tour de force. I am deeply impressed by the rare combination of breath-taking erudition, mastery of the so-called fact of the matter and clarity of both purpose and presentation, all that topped up with supreme argumentative power, a mixture which has become over the years Jock Young's trade mark - few others can manage the same mix, though many have tried' - Zygmunt Bauman

`This is an ambitious work that seeks substantially to develop the theoretical base of the New Left Realist perspective and map out the connections between criminal justice policy and other areas of governance and state intervention in the late-modern age. It combines an astonishing breadth of knowledg with a subtlety of argument that stretches the reader and rewards them. There are limits to the analysis, but that is only to be expected from a book that tries to achieve so much and it must be said that any flaws are provocative and thought-provoking. This work significantly advances our understanding of the role of crime and criminal justice in contemporary society' - CJM

`This is cutting edge criminology which deserves a much wider readership than that which academic texts normally attract.' - Probation Journal

`This is a work of considerable sociological acumen, one that addresses some fundamental questions pertaining to the problem of order; combines structural analysis of 'late modernity' with properly sensitive attention to national disparities.. and is a model of how to write politically engaged social theory. It's the kind of book that can give criminology a good name.' - British Journal of Criminology

`The Exclusive Society is a thoughtful work that draws on a wide range of intellectual resources and shows how criminology can be enriched by attention to work in cultural studies, political science, and history.' - The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice

Really useful.

Miss Lynne Reynolds
Humanities , Bedfordshire University
October 4, 2009

Jock Young

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