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The Evolving World of Work and Family

The Evolving World of Work and Family
New Stakeholders, New Voices

211 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
During the past two decades, as researchers have documented the revolutionary shifts which have occurred within families and at places of business, the number of academics and corporate practitioners who have devoted their lifeÆs work to these important social issues has grown. But has the field of study progressed as rapidly as the changes in work and family issues?''As we are getting ready to face the 21st century, many work-family leaders are challenging one another to be more articulate about their visions, to be bolder about their hopes, and to more actively encourage meaningful dialogue about the diverse work and family experiences encountered everyday by working families all over the globe.''In this special issue of THE ANNALS, The Evolving World of Work and Family: New Stakeholders, New Voices, articles will highlight and uncover new dialogues and discoveries in the work and family field:''''''· A New Work-Life Model for the Twenty-First Century''· Work-Family Backlash''+ Lower-Wage Workers and the New Realities of Work and Family''+ The Impact of Family on Job Displacement and Recovery''The articles in this issue discuss some of the newest insights into work and family and how the field has the potential to usher in a millennium of radical social change. This issue of THE ANNALS is an essential tool for all scholars and professionals dealing with the changes and challenges regarding work and family.
Paula M. Rayman and Ann Bookman
Creating a Research and Public Policy Agenda for Work, Family, and Community
Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Bradley K. Googins
Diverse Families
Rosanna Hertz
Working to Place Family at the Center of Life: Dual-Earner and Single-Parent Strategies
Mary B. Young
Work-Family Backlash: Begging the Question, What's Fair?
Maureen Scully and W.E. Douglas Creed
Restructured Families: Issues of Equality and Needs
Families in Transition
Paul Attewell
The Impact of Family on Job Displacement and Recovery
Suzan Lewis, Janet Smithson, and Julia Brannen
Young European's Orientations to Families and Work
Shin-Kap Han and Phyllis Moen
Work and Family Over Time: A Life Course Approach
Divers Organizations
Shelley M. MacDermid, Leon C. Litchfield, and Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes
Organizational Size and Work-Family Issues
Judith G. Gonyea
The Nonprofit Sector's Responsiveness to Work-Family Issues
Organizations in Transition
Rosalind C. Barnett
A New Work-Life Model for the Twenty-First Century
Susan C. Eaton and Lotte Bailyn
Work and Life Strategies of Professionals in Biotechnology Firms
Policy Perspectives
Susan L. Lambert
Lower-Wage Workers and the New Realities of Work and Family

Bradley Googins

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes