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The Environmental Case

The Environmental Case
Translating Values Into Policy

Sixth Edition

July 2023 | 560 pages | CQ Press
Answers to environmental issues are not black and white. Debates around policy are often among those with fundamentally different values, and the way that problems and solutions are defined plays a central role in shaping how those values are translated into policy. The Environmental Case captures the real-world complexity of creating environmental policy, and this much-anticipated Sixth Edition contains 14 carefully constructed cases, including a new study of the Salton Sea crisis. Through her analysis, Sara Rinfret continues the work of Judith Layzer and explores the background, players, contributing factors, and outcomes of each case, and gives readers insight into some of the most interesting and controversial issues in U.S. environmental policymaking. 
Chapter 1 • A Policymaking Framework: Defining Problems and Portraying Solutions in U.S. Environmental Politics
Part I • Regulating Polluters
Chapter 2 • The Nation Tackles Air and Water Pollution: The Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
Chapter 3 • Love Canal: Hazardous Waste and the Politics of Fear
Chapter 4 • Ecosystem-Based Management in the Chesapeake Bay
Chapter 5 • Market-Based Solutions: A Forgotten Success Story
Part II • History, Changing Values, and Natural Resource Management
Chapter 6 • Oil Versus Wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Chapter 7 • Federal Grazing Policy: Some Things Never Change
Chapter 8 • Jobs Versus the Environment: Saving the Northern Spotted Owl
Chapter 9 • Playground or Paradise? Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park
Chapter 10 • Lessons from the Fish: Crisis and Recovery in New England
Part III • New Issues, New Politics
Chapter 11 • Climate Change: The Crisis of our Time
Chapter 12 • Cape Wind: If Not Here, Where? If Not Now, When?
Chapter 13 • Fracking Wars: Local and State Responses to Unconventional Shale Gas Development
Chapter 14 • Making Trade-Offs: Urban Sprawl and the Evolving System of Growth Management in Portland, Oregon
Chapter 15 • The Salton Sea: A Desert Mirage
Chapter 16 • Conclusions: Politics, Values, and Environmental Policy Change

Judith Amanda Layzer

Judith A. Layzer was professor of environmental policy in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) until her death in 2015. She earned a Ph.D. in political science at MIT. After four years at Middlebury College in Vermont she returned to MIT, where she taught courses in science and politics in environmental policymaking, ecosystem-based management, food systems and the environment, urban sustainability, energy and environmental politics, and public policy.Layzer’s research focused on several aspects of U.S. environmental politics, including the roles of science, values, and... More About Author

Sara Rose Rinfret

Dr. Sara R. Rinfret is currently a Professor of Public Administration and Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs at Northern Arizona University. She has more than a decade of higher education administrative experience and is a nationally recognized scholar in regulatory policy, environmental policy, and public administration. She previously served as the Acting Dean for the Alexander Blewett School of Law, Chair of the Department of Public Administration and Policy, and the Director of Master of Public Administration at the University of Montana. To date, she has published 8 books and more than 40 peer reviewed articles, and... More About Author

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