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The Dynamics of International Competition

The Dynamics of International Competition
From Practice to Theory

December 1999 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`I found myself questioning my current views on globalization and international competition. In so doing, I have come to a fuller understanding of the dynamics of the process and have enjoyed a unique view into the minds of the decision makers' - Organization Studies

`This book is an unusual and valuable addition to the literatures of international business' - International Business Review

`The first interesting feature of this study is the selection of industries.... The book provides some valuable insight into the geographic distribution of the world in the mind of the chief executives… a matter of interest not only to industry and academia, but also to policy makers.... The classification of international strategies deducted from the interview data is another contribution that book makes.... The book has achieved its main goal of linking theory and practical experience [and] provides interesting reading.... The book translates the logic of the industry world into a nice theory leaving it up to the reader to accept or reject the accompanying business ethics and values' - Prometheus

`A highly effective analysis of the changing patterns of competition viewed from an international perspective. There is a plethora of books on globalization and internationalization of industries, but most are long on words and speculation, but short on hard evidence and perspective. Here, the approach of the authors is not to argue that the world is becoming more (or less) global, but to provide a valuable insight into just how these forces are shaping industries, whether managers can influence these forces and what they might mean for those involve'- Charles Baden-Fuller, City Business School, Series Editor

This book uses in-depth current data from a range of international business, and provides an important new framework for understanding international competitive systems and formulating international business strategy.

Roland Calori, Gianluca Colombo, Peter Gustavsson and Pancho Nunes
Geographic Scope
Exploring Product-Market Variety

Roland Calori, Sarah-Kathryn McDonald and Pancho Nunes
Regions, between Global and Local
Roland Calori, Manuela De Carol, Egbert Kahle, Leif Melin and Juan Jos[ac]e Renau
Structural Forces Driving Local Responsiveness
Roland Calori, Paul Emmanuelides, Egbert Kahle, Leif Melin and Juan Jos[ac]e Renau
Structural Forces Driving Global Integration
Tugrul Atamer, Roland Calori, Gianluca Colombo, Sarah-Kathryn McDonald and Martine Menguzzato-Boulard
Competitive Actions
Tugrul Atamer, Roland Calori, Peter Gustavsson and Martine Menguzzato-Boulard
International Strategies

Roland Calori

Tugrul Atamer

Pancho Nunes

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