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The Discursive Mind

The Discursive Mind

196 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This lucidly argued volume covers the key philosophical revolutions that are shaping contemporary psychology. Harr[ac]e and Gillett herald a new paradigm in psychology, dissolving the Cartesian distinction between mind and body in favour of the discursive turn in psychological theory.

The authors explore the discursive origins of the self, the problem of agency and social understanding of personality. In the process, they elevate the emotions to a significant place in our understanding of mind, action and being. The theoretical breadth of the book is matched by its treatment of a wide range of subjects, including: consciousness; the brain; perception; thought; personality; and the emotions.

A Clash of Paradigms
The Second Cognitive Revolution
Cognitive Psychology of the First Kind
Cognitive Modelling
Discourse and the Brain
The Discursive Origins of the Sense of Self
Agency and Personality
Emotion Words and Emotional Acts
Perception and Consciousness

Great text that conclusively argues for a paradigm shift in psychology!

global, Institution of Transpersonal Psychology
March 27, 2010

Rom Harré

Grant Gillett

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