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The Cultural Analysis of Texts

The Cultural Analysis of Texts

First Edition

184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing upon a range of perspectives from textual and cultural studies, this book synthesizes textual, contextual and audience analysis into an overall picture of meaning making. Using examples ranging from Balzac to blonde jokes, modernist poetry to pop lyrics, the book discusses the factors that contribute to the fomation of meaning: language, media, texts, contexts and readers. In the cultural study of texts - texts, contexts and practices - are equally important, the author argues. Meaning making takes place in the articulation between these different elements. But how can one examine all three areas at the same time? In The Cultural Analysis of Texts, Mikko Lehtonen develops a model to enable just such an approach.
Stop the World, I Want In!
The Meaningfulness of the World, the Worldliness of Meanings
Language as the Being of Humans in the World
The World of Sign Systems and Technologies
The World of Texts
The World of Contexts
The World of Readers
The World of Articulations

`This is a rich and sophisticated examination of the place of texts and textual analysis in the radically contextual project of cultural studies. Its rigor and originality make it a valuable addition to the field, and a useful teaching resource' - Larry Grossberg, University of North Carolina

Mikko Lehtonen

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