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The Complete Guide to Behaviour for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

The Complete Guide to Behaviour for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

  • Chris Lee - Former Head of the School of Continuing Professional Development at the University of Plymouth

November 2010 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

By providing a thorough grounding in the theory behind behavior management, followed by suggestions for successful strategies to use in the classroom, The Complete Guide to Behaviour for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff gives the reader the confidence to manage the challenging behavior of children and young people in educational contexts.

Written specifically for teaching assistants and support staff, this book covers behavior, motivation and discipline issues with their specific role and position in mind. Supported by the views and responses of current students on Foundation Degrees and those working towards HLTA status, the book reflects the difficulties, dilemmas and successes of this vital group of people working in today's classrooms.

You might recognize the three main types of role you fulfill as a teaching assistant: the discipliner; the negotiator; the counsellor. This book helps the reader to find their own behavior management style, and their own way of working.

Useful features include:

  • chapter objectives
  • exercises and activities
  • case studies
  • further reading.

This book is idea for those studying for a Foundation Degree, working towards Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) or anyone working in a supporting role in a Primary or Secondary setting.

Chris Lee was the Senior Lecturer in Education and Head of the School of Continuing Professional Development at the Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth. He has taught in secondary and special schools, and continues to work with teachers on issues of bullying and behavior management. He is now a freelance educational consultant.

The Context
Preventing Problems and Promoting Positive Behaviour
Intervention Approaches
The System Approach
The Negotiation Approach
The Relationship Approach
The Positive TA

'This book not only provides insightful support for the Teaching Assistant (TA) in dealing with difficult behaviour within the class room setting, it also helps to set out and define the role and expectations of the TA. Over the past decade, these have dramatically shifted and, as such, this book would be of equal value to TAs and classroom teachers themselves, in working together to come up with a more defined and structured role for the TA within the classroom. Chris Lee has covered three broad approaches to dealing with behaviour issues in a clear, systematic way. Refreshingly, he does not claim to have all the answers, and he invites the reader to reflect on their own experience and practice whilst encouraging an individual approach, thus recognising that we all have distinct values and skill sets. It is an empowering book which stimulates thought and inspires positive action, whilst giving the reader practical tools for the tool box' -

'This book includes practical activities and case studies, making it a particularly useful resource for staff development work in schools...Teaching assistants enrolled on a foundation degree course, or working towards HTLA status (perhaps with a behaviour specialism) will also find it helpful as a resource that encourages the development of practical skills and professional reflection' -
SENCO Update

'This is a well-structured book that has a clear layout and is easy to navigate. It signposts the reader to further references, useful websites and makes appropriate links to a variety of national standards. This book will be invaluable to teaching assistants at any level of their professional journey, as the activities lend themselves to personalised critical reflection of their own views and practice. It offers an empathetic yet realistic view of some of the opportunities and challenges surrounding issues of behaviour for teaching assistants and is underpinned by sound theoretical perspectives' - Wendy Messenger, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Worcester

Excellent resource for the Foundation Degree students to support the impact of behaviour on learning module. Clear practical examples given to support teaching assistants as well as enabling them to reflect on situations of their own. This publication has also been recommended as a library purchase on the reading lists.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care and Early Years, Swindon College
February 15, 2018

A very good read and lots of good examples of practice

Mrs Angela gelder
Teacher Training, Rotherham College of Arts & Technology
September 8, 2016

Great book which has been requested for use in the library. Students will find this insightful and of great value

Miss Fay Armstrong
Health and Enterprise, Newcastle College
October 11, 2013

I was particularly impressed with how this book was easy to read and well presented. It would be particularly appealing to students and more specifically the teaching assistants for whom the book is designed. It is a book which could be carried around and used at work and study as a reference guide, offering many practical tips and ideas for how to reflect upon the behaviour boundaries and polices and procedures within the school environment.

Mrs Penny Yates
Island Training, Isle of Wight College
March 6, 2013

A good resource with some very useful activities/excercises which encourage reflective practice and the integration of theory and practice.

Dr Jane Bulkeley
Education , Glyndwr University
October 2, 2012

A well-written book on a subject that many teaching assistants and support staff find difficult. There is some excellent practical advice that will inspire confidence.

Mr Owen Tuckett
Education , Kingston College
September 13, 2012

Very intersesting and informative book. Ideal for research by learners into behaviour strategies

Mrs Heather Tant
HESC Office, Barnet College
June 11, 2012

This book will provide useful further reading for students of both L2 and L3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

Mrs Maria Robinson
Environment, Economy and Housing, North East Lincs Council Community Learning Services
April 25, 2012

Lots of practical strategies are given in this book to aid the TA in what can be a difficult area. Clear boundaries are given with examples to suit the differing needs of the learners. Good to have a book geared specifically towards the support staff.

Mrs Gwyneth Walsham
School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College
July 12, 2011

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Chapter 1: The context

Chris Lee

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