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The Cold War Presidency

The Cold War Presidency
A Documentary History

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December 2006 | 512 pages | CQ Press
''''The Cold War Presidency: A Documentary History is a must-have reference for students and scholars of this era. This new volume contains an extensive collection of documents alongside carefully crafted, objective analysis of all the key events of the Cold War.''''Organized chronologically by president, The Cold War Presidency presents original, analytical essays on the presidents and their roles during the Cold War from Harry Truman through George H.W. Bush, and over 150 important primary source documents with explanatory headnotes. The pairing together of these useful materials allows researchers to learn comprehensively or selectively about the interdependence of the presidency and the Cold War.''''Important primary source documents contained in this volume include:''''Presidential speeches''Executive and military orders''Internal planning and guidance memoranda''Conversations''Memoirs''Telegrams''Meeting minutes''Private letters''And many more''''The Cold War Presidency also includes selected documents from the other side of the Cold War from recently disclosed Soviet, Chinese, Eastern European document files. Engaging maps, timelines, and biographies of notable figures help readers understand key issues and information.'' ''This new reference resource will be a great fit for academic, school, and public libraries serving researchers in U.S. history, government, politics, foreign policy, and more.''''

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Thomas Langston

Thomas S. Langston is professor and chair of political science at Tulane University. He has written books on both the American presidency (including With Reverence and Contempt: How Americans Think About Their President) and civil-military relations (Uneasy Balance: Civil-Military Relations since 1783). He is the author of two previous books for CQ Press, George Washington, and Lyndon Johnson, in the American Presidents Reference Series. More About Author

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ISBN: 9781933116389