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The Civic Culture Revisited

The Civic Culture Revisited

Edited by:
  • Gabriel A. Almond - Sociology, Stanford University, USA
  • Sidney Verba - Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

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Comparative Politics

432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume, Almond and Verba focus their origional text and `subject its philosophy, its methodology, its national and comparative findings to searching critiques by appropriate scholars'.
Garbiel A Almond
The Intellectual History of the Civic Culture Concept
Avend Lipphart
The Structure of Inference
Carole Pateman
The Civic Culture
A Philosophic Critique

Jerzy J Wiatr
The Civic Culture from a Marxist-Sociological Perspective
Dennis Kavanagh
Political Culture in Great Britain
The Decline of the Civic Culture

Alan I Abramowitz
The United States
Political Culture under Stress

David P Conradt
Changing German Political Culture
Giacomo Sani
The Political Culture of Italy
Continuity and Change

Ann I Craig and Wayne A Cornelius
Political Culture in Mexico
Continuities and Revisionist Interpretations

Sidney Verba
On Revisiting the Civic Culture
A Personal Postscript


Gabriel A. Almond

Sidney Verba