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The Civic Culture of Local Economic Development

The Civic Culture of Local Economic Development

June 2012 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this seminal work, the authors argue that there are distict local factors that shape the environment of economic development decision-making. These factors, taken together, constitute a community's local civic culture. Using survey and case study data from U.S and canadian cities, the authors make the case that different cultures will produce different types of economic development policies, and that local civic culture will effect the whole array of local policies.

The focus on economic development policy provides a window on local decision-making and allows for the development of a theory, introduced by the authors, about the role of local civic culture in framing local decisions of all types. This ultimately provides a theoretical vehicle for categorizing cities and predicting policy outcomes. The book concludes with an overview of what is known about the economic development process and highlights the questions raised about that knowledge by the analyses used here and the focus on civic cultures. New research questions are posed and new directions raised for continued application of a local civic culture approach toward understanding urban policy processes.

Local Civic Culture
The Missing Determinant?

Civic Culture and Theories of Local Governance
A Blended Methodological Approach
Quantitative Measures of Local Civic Culture
Modeling Local Economic Development Policy
Categories of Local Civic Culture
The `Strong Mayor' Cases
Rumulus and Coshocton

The Inclusive Cases
Oakville and Fairborn

The Active-Elite Cases
Cadillac, Kettering, Gloucester

The Passive-Elite Cases
Cornwall and Allen Park

Comparing Categories of Civic Culture
Linking the Methodologies

The Civic Culture of Local Economic Development
Considering Past and Future Research


Laura A. Reese

Laura A. Reese is professor of political science and director of the Global Urban Studies Program at Michigan State University. Her research on economic development, public finance, civic culture and workplace harassment has been published in Regional Science and Urban Economics, Economic Development Quarterly, Journal of Urban Affairs, American Review of Public Administration, Public Administration Review, Public Personnel Management, Review of Public Personnel Administration, and many other journals. She has written 10 books of which three, including Comparative Civic Culture, were published in 2012. She received her Ph.D. in political... More About Author

Raymond A. Rosenfeld

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