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The Circuit of Mass Communication

The Circuit of Mass Communication
Media Strategies, Representation and Audience Reception in the AIDS Crisis

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February 1998 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Circuit of Mass Communication moves beyond the narrow focus of recent work in media and cultural studies to examine the whole process of interaction between the media and the social world. Rejecting approaches that focus only on production, discourse, or audience reception, this new volume examines promotional strategies, government advertising, media production, representation, and audience responses as well as broader impacts on policy, culture, and society. Using a detailed analysis of the struggle over representation during the AIDS crisis, the authors reveal the power of media to influence public opinion and the complex interaction between media coverage audience responses, and contemporary power relations. Based on extensive empirical research, this book offers a range of challenging insights on media power, active audiences, and moral panics that will be of value to media students, sociologists, and social policy and health specialists.
Jenny Kitzinger and David Miller
David Miller and Kevin Williams
The AIDS Public Education Campaign, 1986-90
Peter Beharrell
News Variations
David Miller and Peter Beharrell
AIDS and Television News
David Miller
AIDS on Television
Form, Fact and Fiction

David Miller and Kevin Williams
Sourcing AIDS News
Kevin Williams and David Miller
Producing AIDS News
Jenny Kitzinger
Media Impact on Public Beliefs about AIDS
Jenny Kitzinger
Resisting the Media
The Extent and Limits of Media Influence

David Miller and Jenny Kitzinger
AIDS, the Policy Process and Moral Panics
Jenny Kitzinger and David Miller

The book begins by documenting the politics of AIDS health education initiatives in Britain and goes on to examine the nature of the media coverage, identifying how it has changed over time and differed between newspapers, TV news, documentary and fiction. Challenging a simple `moral panic' model of the AIDS crisis, the authors provide detailed documentation and critical analysis of the complex interaction between policy makers, health education, the media and `the public'.

`Beyond its obvious appeal to those interested in the history, sociology, and cultural study of AIDS in the United Kingdom, this collection also provides a valuable contribution to the broader areas of media history and the contemporary history of health and medicine, two areas that, as this book demonstrates, share a complex and largely un-researched history.' - Social History of Medicine

David Miller

Jenny Kitzinger

Peter Beharrell

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