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The Child Witness

The Child Witness
Legal Issues and Dilemmas

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Social Psychology

May 1991 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is the first book for professionals who seek an integrated, up-to-date review of psychological research and recent court cases dealing with children as witnesses in court. It is organized around four issues: the competence of children as witnesses, the credibility of children, the rights of children and the rights of the accused. Child and adolescent development is reviewed from a psychological perspective. Recent research on issues of comprehension, memory and communication skills of children are described alongside the reactions of various audiences - lawyers, judges and juries - to the children's credibility. Procedures designed to reduce the traumatization of children who testify in court are described and evaluated.
Children as Witnesses in Court
Issues and Dilemmas

In the Eye of the Beholder
Reactions to Children as Legal Witnesses

The Developing Child
A Psycholegal Perspective

Children in Court
Issues of Comprehension, Memory, and Communication

With Liberty and Justice for All
Protecting the Rights of Child Witnesses, Defendants, and the Public

Resolving the Dilemmas
The Marriage of Social Science and the Law

In the Aftermath of McMartin
Society's Rights to Accurate Testimony


Nancy E. Walker

Lawrence S. Wrightsman

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ISBN: 9780803937727