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The Black and Ethnic Minority Woman Manager

The Black and Ethnic Minority Woman Manager
Cracking the Concrete Ceiling

June 1997 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Based on the author's analysis of in-depth interviews and relevant research literature, this booki nvestigates and explores the experiences, problems and pressures faced by black and ethnic minority women managers in the United Kingdom. To date, research addressing the issues of black managers has been almost exclusively American, predominantly black African-Americans, and the overall amount of published research has been limited. Indeed, studies of black and ethnic minority professional women, especially in corporate settings, have been virtually excluded from the growing body of research on women in management. This book has been written to fill this gap.
The Black and Ethnic Minority Woman Manager
An Overview

Past and Present Home Environments
Role Conflict
Living in a Bicultural World

Relationships at Work
Racial Taboos and Negative Stereotypes

Occupational Stress and Acquisition of Appropriate Management Skills
Career Development
Racism and Sexism - The Double Bind

Positive Approaches to Helping Black and Ethnic Minority Women into Management

Marilyn Davidson

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ISBN: 9781853962998