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The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing

The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing

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October 2021 | 240 pages | Corwin UK

Your essential guide to wellbeing in education. 

Despite many school leaders and teaching and non-teaching staff working hard to support children’s and their own wellbeing, more needs to be done. This book provides you with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate your way through the changing educational landscape and shape the schools of the future. Written by a diverse range of experts in the field, it explores how all school staff can support their own, their colleagues’ and their students’ wellbeing, how leaders can lead well and be well, and the importance of relationships within the entire school community to promote personal, academic and professional flourishing.

This book will make you think and take you out of your comfort zone. It will inspire discussions and support you - whatever your role in school is - to bring positive change to school policy and culture.

Kimberley Evans is an experience teacher and founder of Nourish the Workplace.
Thérèse Hoyle is an education consultant, leadership coach and trainer.
Frederika Roberts is a Positive Education advocate and former teacher.
Bukky Yusuf is a senior leader, science teacher and consultant.
Frederika Roberts
Chapter 1: Cultures and systems for whole school wellbeing
Anna Bateman
Chapter 2: Self-care for leaders - looking after your mental health
Stephen Waters
Chapter 3: The role of leadership in retaining early career teachers
Jane Bee and Ceri Stokes
Chapter 4: Staff safeguarding and supervision - lessons from COVID-19 and beyond
Bukky Yusuf
Chapter 5: How EdTech can help maintain our wellbeing
Maria Brosnan, Kimberley Evans and Thérèse Hoyle
Chapter 6: Self-care for busy educators - a practical guide
Jane Bee
Chapter 7: Wellbeing and safeguarding
Adele Bates and Mark Goodwin
Chapter 8: Getting back to great behaviour by building connections
Adele Bates
Chapter 9: LGBTQ+ Pupils, staff and wellbeing
Stephen Waters
Chapter 10: The water is draining away - burnout and retention
Alison Kriel
Chapter 11: How do we address wellbeing in a culture of assessment?
Stephen Waters
Chapter 12: The role of self-care in retaining Early Career Teachers
Becca Faal
Chapter 13: How to create resources for wellbeing activities with children and young people
Adele Bates
Chapter 14: Wellbeing - What SEMH Schools, PRUs and APs do really well, and how it can help all schools
Mark Goodwin
Chapter 15: Creating a new reality - making words matter
Frances Corcoran and Selena Whitehead
Chapter 16: Exploring character and supporting wellbeing with Frida Kahlo and Albert Einstein
Sue Roffey
Chapter 17: Social and Emotional Learning - Circle Solutions and ASPIRE
Sarah Brazenor
Chapter 18: Taking the stress out of exams for students
Sue Roffey
Chapter 19: Relationships and social capital
Kelly Hannaghan
Chapter 20: Purposeful parent engagement
Kimberley Evans
Chapter 21: Staff wellbeing - it's not just for teachers
Thérèse Hoyle
Chapter 22: Supporting happy, healthy playtimes - Playground Wellbeing Buddies
John Rees
Chapter 23: Driving pupil engagement through the PSHE and R(S) HE curricula
Collated by Kimberley Evans, with sections by Matthew Brooker and Chris Reddy
Chapter 24: A man in a woman's world
Alex Purdie
Chapter 25: Flying the flag! How to develop a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community
Collated by Kimberley Evans
Chapter 26: Wellbeing in a culturally diverse society
Elizabeth Wright
Chapter 27: Disability wellbeing - why inclusion matters for disabled children
Jen Beer
Chapter 28: Language and stigma around mental health
Holly Evans
Chapter 29: The education system and me
Anita Kate Garai
Chapter 30: You and Me (a poem)

This book provides the perfect framework to create a culture of care and wellbeing throughout a school.  The authors encourage the reader to engage & empower all students & staff alike, but importantly, embraces the need for leaders to model self care & sustainable wellbeing behaviour.

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor
Executive Headteacher

This book is a much-needed, highly knowledgeable text on wellbeing in our schools. Wellbeing means so many things to so many people, yet this book has managed to capture the essence of what great wellbeing is in schools for all and for the individual. A truly wonderful read.

Abigail Mann
Assistant Headteacher

Over the past few years, the focus on wellbeing in our schools has grown. The Covid 19 pandemic has shone an even brighter light on this area. Now more than ever, it is clear that all schools need congruent and holistic approaches to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of those in their school communities. This ‘Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing’  can help schools to develop such approaches. It is a rich and comprehensive compendium, with contributions from a diverse ranges of voices across the sector. It is well researched and  organised, with numerous case studies and practical tips. This book is a must-read for all educators who are looking to find successful ways to attend to both their own wellbeing needs and those of others. Highly recommended!

Viv Grant
Director Integrity Coaching

Kimberley Evans

Kimberley Evans is an experienced teacher, higher level teaching assistant and heritage educator. After seeing so many people leave education due to unhappiness and workloads, she set up ‘Nourish the Workplace’ to make a difference to the profession she loves. Nourish the Workplace gives schools the tools they need to prioritise and celebrate staff wellbeing. It gives every member of staff a voice and helps the school recognise their staff and their particular needs. Kimberley has worked with every type of school - primary, secondary, private, PRU and international - giving her a unique view of staff wellbeing from the ground up. She... More About Author

Thérèse Hoyle

Thérèse Hoyle has a passion for creating positive and harmonious school cultures.  For 20 years (and counting) she has worked as an education consultant, leadership coach and trainer with over 500 schools and organisations nationally and internationally. She advises schools and school staff on positive behaviour management; creating positive playtimes; social, emotional and mental health needs of children; staff wellbeing; coaching and leadership and is an adviser with Optimus Education on their Wellbeing Award for Schools. Her books include 101 Playground Games 2nd edition (2021) and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities (2009) and... More About Author

Frederika Roberts

Positive Education advocate and former teacher Frederika Roberts has extensive experience in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents, staff, and parents / carers through her speaking, training and consultancy work.   She holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is undertaking a Doctorate in Education with a research focus on whole school wellbeing, based on the model of whole school positive education she developed during her Master’s degree.  She is the author of Recipe for Happiness (2013) and For Flourishing’s Sake (2020) and co-author of Character Toolkit for Teachers (2018) and the... More About Author

Bukky Yusuf

Bukky Yusuf is a senior leader, science teacher and consultant. She has undertaken a number of leadership roles within mainstream and special school settings, centering around professional development programmes, quality first teaching and learning and effective implementations of Educational Technology. In 2019, Bukky was appointed by the UK Department of Education as co-chair for the EdTech Leadership Group.  As part of her commitment, as a qualified coach, to increase diverse leadership within education, she participates in a number of grassroots educational initiatives and organisations. These include her roles as an ambassador... More About Author

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