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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Young People in Uncertain Labor Markets: International Evidence

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272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Persistently high rates of youth unemployment have been a global concern for more than two decades. One in five young people is not currently in education, employment, or training; and women, minorities, and individuals in lower socioeconomic populations are among the most vulnerable to becoming unemployed.  

This volume of The ANNALS examines the causes, patterns, and consequences of labor market uncertainties for young adults around the world. Focusing on regional inequalities and widespread trends, this volume both highlights the importance of youth integration into labor markets and outlines policy changes that are crucial for this integration to be successful.  
Wei-Jun Jean Yeung and Yi Yang
Labor Market Uncertainties for Youth and Young Adults: An International Perspective
Kumiko Shibuya, Hua Guo, and Eric Fong
Unemployment Patterns of Local-Born and Migrant Youth in Post-Colonial Society: A Double Cohort Analysis
Arnaldo Mont’Alvao and Carlos Costa Ribeiro
Youth Labor Market Prospects in Times of Economic Recession in Brazil
Shengwei Sun
Who Can Access the “Good” Jobs? Racial Disparities in Employment among Young Men who Work in Paid Care
Ingrid Schoon
Navigating an Uncertain Labor Market in the UK: The Role of Structure and Agency in the Transition from School to Work
Lingxin Hao and Dong Zhang
China’s College Expansion and the Timing of College-to-Work Transition: A Natural Experiment
Jaesung Choi and Hannah Bae
Change in Early Labor Market Outcomes among Young College Graduates in South Korea
Michael Gebel
Young Women’s Transition from Education to Work in the Caucasus and Central Asia
Ruta Braziene
From Education to the Labor Market in Lithuania: The Role of Youth and Parental Education
Yi Yang
China’s Youth in NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training): Evidence from A National Survey
Gabriela Sánchez-Soto and Andrea Bautista León
Youth Education and Employment in Mexico City: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Tamille Sales Dias and Ana Maria Nogales Vasconcelos
Heterogeneity among Young People Neither in Employment Nor in Education in Brazil
Tatiana Karabchuk
Job Stability and Fertility Intentions of Young Adults in Europe: Does Labor Market Legislation Matter?
Marge Unt and Kadri Täht
Does Early Career Unemployment at the Peak of a Recession Leave Economic Scars? Evidence from Estonia
Arne L. Kalleberg
Labor Market Uncertainties and Youth Labor Force Experiences: Lessons Learned

Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

Arne L. Kalleberg

Yi Yang