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The Advertising Business

The Advertising Business
Operations, Creativity, Media Planning, Integrated Communications

First Edition

July 2012 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This authoritative and comprehensive handbook of successful advertising practices addresses such aspects of the business as: agency operation, creativity, media planning, operations and speciality advertising.

The distinguished contributors reflect a global mix of academic and professional backgrounds, and most chapters - complemented by a few adaptations of classic articles - have been specifically written for this volume. The result is a single `knowledge bank' of theory and practice for advertising students and professionals.

John Philip Jones
The Advertising Business

Eric Mower
Agency Management
Some Secrets

Jay Quinn
The Account Executive in an Advertising Agency
Nicholas Staveley
Account Planning
A British Perspective

Damian O'Malley
Account Planning
An American Perspective

Jeremy Bullmore
The Advertising Creative Process
John L Sellers
The Art Director
John Philip Jones
Budgeting for Advertising and the Advertising-Intensiveness Curve
Carla V Lloyd
Advertising Media
A Changing Marketplace

Debra L Merskin
The Media Buyer in the Advertising Agency
Rana S Said
Advertising Agency Compensation Systems
Randall Rothenberg
New Business Activity
Account Reviews

John Philip Jones
The Culture of an Advertising Agency
John Philip Jones
Strategy in Advertising
Herbert E Krugman
Television Advertising
Learning without Involvement

Jeremy Bullmore
Humor in Television Advertising
A Practitioner's View

Paula Pierce
Humor in Television Advertising
A Researcher's View

Celebrities in Advertising

Abhilasha Mehta
Esther Thorson
Emotion and Advertising
John Philip Jones
Hierarchies of Effect
Advertising Theories

Carri Brown, Betzi-Lynn Hanc and Nujchayada Pangsapa
Cognitive Dissonance and Selective Perception
Their Relevance to Advertising

John Philip Jones
The Creative Characteristics of Successful Television Advertising
Jan S Slater
Comparative Advertising
John Philip Jones
The Unique Selling Proposition and Usage-Pull
David Ogilvy
Truth and Weasels
Jan S Slater
Television Production Costs
Stephen P Phelps
Media Definitions

Erwin Ephron
Television Advertising
Continuity Scheduling (Advertising without Gaps)

John Philip Jones
What Does Effective Frequency Mean Today?
Brian Philip Webster
Barter Syndication
Jeremiah L Rosen, Laura A York and Aileen (Shih-I) Ku
Cable Television
John Philip Jones
Trends in Promotions
Don E Schultz
Integrated Marketing Communications and How It Relates to Traditional Media Advertising
John Deighton
Integrated Marketing Communications in Practice
Rex Briggs
A Roadmap to On-line Marketing Strategy
Sidney C Liebenson
Direct Marketing
Emily Soell
Direct-Response Advertising
Creative Principles

John Philip Jones
Promotions and Advertising
Comparison of Effectiveness

William H Bolen
Specialty Advertising
Shirley F Taylor and Peggy H Cunningham
Event Marketing
Rick Burton
Sports Advertising and the Super Bowl
Beth E Barnes
Business-to-Business Advertising
Jan S Slater
Product Packaging
The Silent Salesman

Ian R Bruce
Public Relations and Advertising
Jay B Wright
The Supreme Court of the United States and the First Amendment Protection of Advertising
Peggy H Cunningham
Ethics of Advertising
Oxymoron or Good Business Practice?


John Philip Jones

John Philip Jones entered academe in 1981 after a 25-year career in advertising with J. Walter Thompson in Europe, is a tenured Professor in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and was Chairman of the Advertising Department for seven years. He has published ten books on advertising and numerous journal articles, and his work has been translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Arabic. In 1991, John Philip Jones was named by the American Advertising Federation as the Distinguished Advertising Educator of the Year. In the same year he became a member of the Council of Judges of the Advertising... More About Author

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