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Terrorism and the Media

Terrorism and the Media

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250 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Terrorism and the Media presents the diverse points of view of those involved in and affected by insurgent terrorism: terrorists, journalists, victims, researchers, governments and the public. It analyzes the objectives, successes and failures of terrorism, and addresses media related issues such as freedom of the press, codes of ethics, intimidation, victimization, technology and censorship.

The book includes: interviews with terrorists from Northern Ireland, Spain and the PLO; an analysis of the expansion of counter terrorism measures in the UK to more generalized civil and media control - indicating that such measures breed rather than inhibit terrorism; an account of the ambivalent attitudes of media editors towards terrorism; a description of the tripartite relationship between victims, media and governments, illustrated by the campaign to free hostages in Lebanon.

David L Paletz and C Danielle Vinson
David L Paletz and John Boiney
Researchers' Perspectives
Robin P J M Gerrits
Terrorists' Perspectives

Cynthia L Irvin
Terrorists' Perspectives

Jennifer Jane Hocking
Governments' Perspectives
David L Paletz and Laura L Tawney
Broadcasting Organizations' Perspectives
Alex P Schmid
Editors' Perspectives
Mark Blaisse
Reporters' Perspectives
Christopher Hewitt
Public's Perspectives
Ronald D Crelinsten
Victims' Perspectives

David L. Paletz

Alex P. Schmid