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Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence

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Security & Conflict | Terrorism

February 2015 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book introduces you to the key issues in contemporary studies on Terrorism. Its interdisciplinary approach provides a unique intellectual rigour which introduces readers to cutting-edge research.

Bringing together chapters contributed by members of the Terrorism and Political Violence Association network, it offers an insight into a variety of traditional and critical perspectives. It also equips Undergraduate and Postgraduate students with the study skills needed to succeed in coursework and assignments, especially dissertation work.


Drawing on the expertise of TAPVA members, this book:

  • Explores contemporary issues, such as drone warfare, state violence, children and political violence, cyber-terrorism and de-radicalisation.
  • Features case studies drawn from a range of international examples, lists of further reading, key concepts and questions for use in seminars and private study.
  • Provides you with study skills content designed to help you complete your dissertation.

This is the perfect textbook to guide you through your studies in terrorism, political violence, international security and strategic studies.

Simon Mabon
Locating Terrorism Studies
Gilberto Algar-Faria
Terrorism and Ethics
Pola Zafra-Davis
A History of Terrorism: Ideology, Tactics and Organization
Lee Jarvis and Stuart McDonald
Defining Cyberterrorism
Marie Breen-Smyth and Samantha Cooke
Essay 1: A Critical Approach: Violence, ‘Victims’ and ‘Innocents’
James Lutz
Essay 2: A Critical View of Critical Terrorism Studies
Michael Stohl
Essay 3: The Global War on Terror and State Terrorism
Nina Musgrave
The 'Root Causes' of Terrorism
Nicole Ives-Allison
Supporting Terrorism
Cristina Archetti
Terrorism, Communication and the Media
Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
Essay 4: IEDs, Martyrs, Civil Wars, and Terrorists
Bill Braniff and Assaf Moghadam
Essay 5: Towards Global Jihadism
Dov Waxman
Essay 6: Living with Terror, not Living in Terror: The Impact of Chronic Terrorism on Israeli Society
Sarah Marsden
How Terrorism Ends
Sophie Whiting
Conflict Resolution and Terrorists as Spoilers
Paul Gill, Noemie Bouhana and John Morrison
Individual Disengagement from Terrorist Groups
Gordon Clubb
Essay 7: De-Radicalization, Disengagement and the Attitudes-Behavior Debate
Michael Boyle
Essay 8: Drone Warfare
Terry Hathaway
Resource 1: Study Skills for Dissertations, Essays and Exams
Adam Dolnik
Resource 2: Conducting Field Research on Terrorism

A useful book for students new to PV. This acquaints students with an understanding of terrorism and the instrumental use of PV>

Dr Malcolm Cook
School of Human & Health Sciences, Huddersfield University
April 1, 2015

This text is very good but is not relevant to the programme.

Mr Matthew Hirst
Arts, Business and Social Science, University Campus Suffolk
March 26, 2015

Nice addition to the syllabus. Won't be a core reading, but recommended. Interesting chapters, but will be hard to "sell" chapters from graduate students on well established topics if there are so many advanced scholars out there who have worked on the topic.

Dr Tobias Bohmelt
Departmemt of Government, Essex University
March 16, 2015

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe is a professor of war studies at the University of Hull. She is the university lead on maritime and security issues. She has published extensively on these issues and has been quoted in The Guardian as being ‘one of the UK’s leading experts in war’. More About Author

Gordon Clubb

Gordon Clubb is a lecturer in international security at the University of Leeds and is Director of the Terrorism and Political Violence Association. Recently, he has written on the disengagement and de-radicalization of Fatah and the Irish Republican Army. More About Author

Simon Mabon

Simon Mabon is a lecturer in international relations at the University of Lancaster. He is the author of Saudi Arabia and Iran: Soft Power Rivalry in the Middle East (I.B. Tauris, 2013), Hizballah: From Islamic Resistance to Government (Praeger, 2014, with Gordon Clubb and James Worrall) and British Foreign Policy (Routledge, 2015, with Mark Garnett). He is Director of the Richardson Institute and a research associate with the Foreign Policy Centre. More About Author

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