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The Culture and Political Economy of the Digital Revolution

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April 1999 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Information and communication technologies are said to be transforming urban life dramatically and bringing about rapid economic and cultural globalization. This book explores the many fascinating and urgent issues involved by relating advanced theoretical debates to practical matters of communication with cultural policy. It maps out a range of `optimistic' and `pessimistic' scenarios with special regard to various forms of inequality, particularly class, gender and geo-political inequalities. The sheer pace of change is difficult to track yet the expert contributors to this volume all offer insights and essential guidance to what is going on. There are chapters on urban planning, virtual cities and actual cities, economic and political policy, and critical social analysis of current trends that are of momentous consequence.

The book concludes that neither technological determinism nor economic determinism satisfactorily account for information and communication technologies and urban development. Instead, it is necessary to bring together a number of differently informing approaches, cultural, economic, political and technological, to make sense of a field of dynamic and contradictory forces.


Jim McGuigan
Stephen Graham
Towards Urban Cyberspace Planning
Grounding the Global through Urban Telematics Policy and Planning

Kevin Robins
Foreclosing on the City? The Bad Idea of Virtual Urbanism
Frank Webster
Information and Communications Technologies
Luddism Revisited

Simone Bergman and Liesbet van Zoonen
Fishing with False Teeth
Women, Gender and the Internet

Julian Stallabrass
The Ideal City and the Virtual Hive
Modernism and Emergent Order in Computer Culture

John Downey
Xs 4 All? `Information Society' Policy and Practice in the European Union
Leen d'Haenens
Beyond Infrastructure
Europe, The USA and Canada on the Information Highway

Simon Bell
Technocities and Development
Images of Inferno and Utopia

John Pickering
Designs on the City
Urban Experience in the Age of Electronic Reproduction

Douglas Kellner
New Technologies
Technocities and the Prospects for Democratization


`I would be even more general than the book jacket and suggest that any reader interested in placing their own use of technology in a wider context will find something of interest in this multi-faceted book' - Outline 9

John Downey

Jim McGuigan

Jim McGuigan is a freelance researcher, writer and artist. He is also Emeritus Professor of Cultural Analysis at Loughborough University UK.  Previously, he taught at Coventry, Leeds, Leeds Trinity, Open and Wolverhampton Universities. He was a research officer at the Arts Council of GB and a script editor in the BBC TV Drama (Plays) Department. He has been a visiting scholar at, amongst others, the Universities of Bergen, Canberra, Canterbury (Christchurch NZ), Catalonia, Copenhagen, Eastern Finland, Izmir, Jyvaskyla, Rostock and at IFK Vienna. He has delivered keynote addresses at conferences and guest lectures in Australia, Austria... More About Author

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