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Team Entrepreneurship

Team Entrepreneurship

May 1989 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
An emerging approach to collective entrepreneurship by employees is described in this volume. The author uses as the basis of his research a car parts factory - a small yet highly successful division of a quickly growing and profitable corporation. Stewart describes the resources needed for the company to succeed, which include work action, management participation, and internal transformational capabilities. Finally he relates the concept to cross-cultural studies of entrepreneurship.
Prologue for Practitioners (and Other Busy People)
Market Focus
Focused Employees
An Internally Nurtured Team

Growth with Limited Resources
Community with a Mission
The Internal Politics of External Service

Surely They Can't Keep It Up?
Running Right on the Course
A Trip to the `Big Men'
Entrepreneurship Cross-Culturally

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Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart joined Marquette University in 2000 after ten years on the faculty of Texas Tech University. He is a past Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management, Program Chair and Co-Convener of the Organization Science Winter Conference, and Program Chair of the Family Enterprise Research Conference (for which he serves on the board). He has taught in virtually all levels for many different student groups and enjoyed them all, and currently focuses on leading the Entrepreneurship major and launching a non-business minor for MU undergraduates. His emerging research will focus on the photo-ethnographic study of... More About Author

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