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Teaching Writing From Content Classroom to Career, Grades 6-12

Teaching Writing From Content Classroom to Career, Grades 6-12

September 2023 | 200 pages | Corwin

Teaching writing that is relevant to your students and their futures

What kind of writing do we do beyond school? It certainly isn’t the well-known  five-paragraph essay or tight iambic pentameter. In today’s workforce, the purpose of writing is to communicate complex ideas specific to career fields. Students need more than simply mastering academic writing, so Teaching Writing From Content Classroom to Career shows how to combine writing instruction teachers already share – language selection, tone, voice, audience, organization, and style – with meaningful writing tasks so students can connect classroom writing to the world of their work and their futures. Authors Maria C. Grant, Diane Lapp, and Marisol Thayre explain ways to show students how writing works in the world of work with

  • Ready-to-go lesson plans focused on relevant, world-of-work writing tasks and formats
  • An overarching rubric of key skills as well as student-self-assessment rubrics to make instruction and implementation crystal clear
  • Downloadable and reproducible tools for both students and teachers for ease of implementation
  • Exemplar mentor texts from the workplace in multiple disciplines that showcase writing’s essential connections to workforce readiness
  • Suggestions for using AI to generate exemplar texts
  • Examples of how to be a successful communicator who knows how and when to move in and out of different modes of language

Full of tools, resources, and strategies that are easy to implement and seamlessly overlay school writing curriculum, this book sets students on the path to academic and career success through writing.

Chapter 1: Why Am I Writing This?
Chapter 2: Who Am I Writing This For?
Chapter 3: What’s the Best Way to Say It?
Chapter 4: Structure and Evidence: How Do I Present My Case Most Effectively?
Chapter 5: Revision: How Can I Make My Writing Crystal Clear?
Chapter 6: Putting It All Together: Writing Readiness Equals Career Readiness

In Teaching Writing From Content Classroom to Career, Maria Grant, Diane Lapp, and Marisol Thayer have skillfully crafted a book that shifts writing instruction from a “one day you’ll need this” to “see how’ll you need this” approach that is needed in classrooms determined to meet writing expectations postsecondary writing students will encounter.

Andy Schoenborn, Clare Public Schools
Andy Schoenborn, Clare Public Schools

Maria Cassandra Grant

Maria C. Grant, EdD, is a professor in the Department of Secondary Education at California State University Fullerton and the director of the Single Subject Credential Program at CSUF. She works with both pre-service and in-service teachers in the credential program and at school sites. Her work includes research and publications in the areas of disciplinary literacy, literacy in the content areas, science education, and pedagogy. In addition to her efforts at the university, Maria’s experience includes many years of teaching in high school and middle school science classrooms. She has taught physics, oceanography, coordinated science,... More About Author

Diane K. Lapp

Diane Lapp, EdD, is a distinguished professor of education at San Diego State University where her work continues to be applied to schools. She is also an instructional coach and teacher at Health Sciences High & Middle College. Throughout her career, Diane has taught in elementary, middle, and high schools. Her major areas of research and instruction regard issues related to the planning and assessment of very intentional literacy instruction and learning. A member of both the California and the International Reading Halls of Fame, Diane has authored, coauthored, and edited numerous articles, columns, texts, handbooks and children’s... More About Author

Marisol C. Thayre

Marisol Thayre, PhD, is a secondary English teacher, author, and instructional coach. She has worked with preservice and experienced teachers alike in creating purposeful, collaborative, and data-driven classrooms for various grade levels and content areas. In addition to her role as a teacher leader and mentor, Marisol has presented both nationally and internationally on topics including assessment, secondary literacy strategies, differentiation, and collaboration. Her current research endeavors are focused on the integration of social emotional learning into content-area instruction. Marisol currently teaches high school English and... More About Author

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