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Teaching the Primary Curriculum Outdoors

Teaching the Primary Curriculum Outdoors

June 2022 | 256 pages | Corwin UK

Research evidence consistently shows that an outdoor learning environment can improve behaviour, engagement and encourage more active participation in learning. So why keep learning in a classroom? 

In reality, we know the challenges teachers face.  We know the barriers that get in the way of taking learning outside.  Learning through Landscapes has three decades of experience supporting teachers with the everyday challenges of teaching outdoors.  Through this real life understanding of teaching and step by step guidance, this book shows you that every curriculum subject in primary schools can be taught outdoors.   

Through the pages of this book, Learning through Landscapes shows you that learning outdoors not only improves the health, wellbeing and attainment of the children in your class - it also brings joy to your teaching.

Principles of learning and play in your school grounds
Resources to help develop your outdoor teaching practice

Learning Through Landscapes

Learning through Landscapes is a leading UK-based charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children. More About Author

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