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Teaching the Last Backpack Generation

Teaching the Last Backpack Generation
A Mobile Technology Handbook for Secondary Educators

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216 pages | Corwin
Don’t just know how to use mobile technology. Know how to use it to transform learning. This refreshingly easy-to-use workbook shows how to make mobile devices a natural part of lessons, no matter the content. Discover practical device management skillsfun strategies students will love, and helpful resources to extend professional learning.
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About the Authors

How to Use This Workbook

Glossary of Terms

Current Research on Mobile Technology

Research Reports

1. The Basics of Teaching With Technology
Classroom Management Strategies

Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS)

Managing Multiple Devices in the Classroom

Professional Development Reminders

2. The Basics of Devices
Mobile Devices

The Device Settings: Get Started Here

Using the Accessibility Features of iOS

Using the Restrictions Features of iOS

Projecting Your Device

The Mobile Device as an Interactive Whiteboard

Student Response Systems and Backchannel Discussions

3. Strategies for the Classroom
Simple-to-Use Strategies Sheets

Strategy 1: How to Use Photos

Strategy 2: How to Use Texting

Strategy 3: How to Use Video

Strategy 4: How to Use QR, AR, and Other Scannable Technology

Strategy 5: How to Use Gaming

Strategy 6: How to Use Google

Strategy 7: How to Use Google Docs

Strategy 8: How to Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Google Earth

Strategy 9: How to Use the Cloud

Strategy 10: How to Use Digital Assistants (Such as Siri)

Strategy 11: How to Use Twitter

Strategy 12: Supporting Students With Special Needs

Strategy 13: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Strategy 14: Read-Aloud Testing

Strategy 15: Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Strategy 16: A Few Other Random Ideas

4. Lesson Planning
How to Use the Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson Plan Samples

Lesson Plan Templates

Week 1 Professional Development

Week 2 Professional Development

Week 3 Professional Development

Week 4 Professional Development

Week 5 Professional Development

App Warehouses

Technology/Integration Review Tools

Twitter Chats and People to Follow

Video Warehouses

Website Warehouses

Quotes to Keep in Mind



"Every teacher preparation course- regardless of content- should adopt this workbook.  It is perfect for understanding why technology in the classroom is important, how to do it effectively, and what to do.  So many ideas structured in simple, practical ways."

Dr. David F. Cihak, Special Education Program Director
University of Tennessee

"I wish I had a guide like this when I got started with technology but now I am pleased to know that this great workbook is available to teachers in my district.  This workbook is a fantastic resource for teachers with any level of technology experience.   It has templates for lesson planning that make it easy for new teachers to start small while building their knowledge and comfort level.  It also provides some really innovative ideas for experienced teachers using technology in the classroom."

Tracy Arner, Coordinator of Innovation and Learner Engagement
Riverside Unified School District

"As a principal of a K-12 school, I know first-hand that we are teaching the last backpack generation.  This workbook is a great resource- it is equally valuable for getting teachers started with technology as a resource or for teachers already using technology in their classrooms - all while emphasizing that technology is a tool to enhance effective teaching, not a replacement."

Christine Ortiz, Founder
Ampersand School

"This workbook provides nuggets of information that will serve as user-friendly, just-in-time resources to teachers at any level. The practical approach used to present highly-useful content is evident on every page.  Even the beginner technology teacher will be able to pick up the book and immediately begin to implement strategies to impact and change their classroom pedagogy."

Dr. Connie Smith, Director of Instructional Technology
Olathe Public Schools

Sample Materials & Chapters


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Zachary M. Walker

Dr. Zachary Walker is an Associate Professor with the University College London Institute of Education (IOE) and author of Teaching the Last Backpack Generation.  Zachary serves as the Academic Head of Learning and Teaching for the Department of Psychology and Human Development and leads the Masters in Special Education and Inclusive Education (MASIE) and Masters in International Leadership in Inclusive Education (MAILIE) graduate programs at IOE.  He was named an Emerging Scholar by Think College (2012), a Millennium Milestone Maker by the World Academy for the Future of Women (2015), was awarded the John Cheung Award for the... More About Author

Kara Rosenblatt

Kara Rosenblatt is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Dr. Rosenblatt obtained her master’s degree in Special Education, Learning Disabilities, and Behavior Disorders in 2001 from Florida State University and her doctoral degree in Exceptional Education in 2009 from the University of Central Florida. In her current role, Dr. Rosenblatt teaches undergraduate and graduate level special education courses.In addition to her teaching experience in higher education, Dr. Rosenblatt has experience working within state agencies, collaborating with special education personnel and agencies to coordinate training... More About Author

Donald McMahon

Don McMahon is an Assistant Professor of Special Education Technology at Washington State University in Pullman, WA.   Don received his Doctorate in Education from the Special Education Ph.D. program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.    In addition to his doctoral work, Don attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Universal Design for Learning Summer Institute.  His research involves increasing the use of Universal Design for Leaning principles in education, using mobile devices to increase achievement for students with disabilities, and exploring the impact of augmented reality as an... More About Author

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