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Teaching Literacy Across the Primary Curriculum

Teaching Literacy Across the Primary Curriculum

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Elementary English

November 2006 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
Teaching literacy across the curriculum can enhance effectiveness of learning and teaching, and this book demonstrates how this can be achieved. It explores approaches to teaching and developing literacy in a range of subject areas and is suitable for trainees and qualified teachers who wish to improve their practice and understanding of teaching literacy.
Why literacy across the curriculum?
Text types across the primary curriculum
Teaching non-fiction reading
Strategies for non-fiction reading
Teaching non-fiction writing
Literacy across the primary curriculum: Looking at science
Literacy across the primary curriculum: Looking at mathematics
Exploring electronic texts across the primary curriculum

"As ever, David Wray delivers an intelligent, lucid and accessible book underpinned by research and scholarship" (Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University)

David Wray

David Wray taught in primary schools for 10 years and is currently Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Warwick. He has published over 40 books on aspects of literacy teaching and is best known for his work on developing teaching strategies to help pupils access the curriculum through literacy. His work was made an integral part of the National Literacy Strategy in England at both primary (1997) and secondary (2001) levels. More recently he has acted as consultant to a number of electronic learning projects and has begun new research programs exploring the importance and teaching of handwriting, and the use of mobile... More About Author