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Teaching, Learning and Study Skills

Teaching, Learning and Study Skills
A Guide for Tutors

First Edition
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288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is a book for tutors, lecturers and teachers in further and higher education, who need to teach their students how to study, learn and communicate effectively. Based around the same techniques and contents as the tutors earlier book Essential Study Skills (SAGE 2003) which is itself based on many years experience of teaching and mentoring students in higher education, this book is intended to work with traditional and non-traditional students.

The material will be suitable for institutions concerned with widening participation; with student retention; with quality enhancement; with equal opportunities and with professional /staff development.

Introduction - and How to Use This Book
University Teaching, Widening Participation and Study Skills
How to Assess - A Short Preface on Assessment
How to Understand Our Students
How to Promote an Effective Transition to University - and Raise Student Awareness of What Is Expected of Them
How to Promote Student Self-Confidence
How to Promote Effective Organization and Time Management
How to Promote Effective Research and Reading Strategies
How to Promote Effective Note-Making
How to Promote Effective Presentations and Seminars
How to Promote Effective Writing
How to Support Effective Revision and Exam Techniques
How to Support Effective Group Work
How to Promote Reflective Practice
How to Promote Overall Success


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Sample Materials & Chapters

PDF file of Chapter 14

PDF file of Chapter 6

Tom Burns

Tom Burns, always interested in theatre and the arts and their role in teaching and learning, led the Hainault Action Group setting up adventure playgrounds and devising Community Events and Festivals for the local community. Whilst still a student Tom set up and ran the first International Dario Fo Festival – with symposium, theatre workshops for students and local people and full dramatic performances by the Fo-Rame theatre troupe of The Tiger’s Tale and The Boss’s Funeral. Tom Burns is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Learning Development actively involved in the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (www... More About Author

Sandra Sinfield

Sandra Sinfield has worked as a laboratory technician, a freelance copywriter, an Executive Editor (Medicine Digest, circulation 80,000 doctors) and in the voluntary sector with the Tower Hamlets Research and Resource Centre and with the Islington Green School Community Play written by Alan, Whose Life is it Anyway?, Clarke and produced at Sadler's Wells. Sandra is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Learning Development actively involved in the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education ( Some time ago she, along with Tom Burns, developed the student-facing Study Hub ( and... More About Author