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Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry

Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry
A Case Study Approach

October 2013 | 232 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE
Case Studies, tips, and tools to harness the power of students' curiosity and Improve achievement in science.

Now from the author of the best-selling Inqire Within comes a groundbreaking book devoted entirely to high school science  teachers who desire to improve their teaching and enhance student learning through inquiry.

Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry offers a complete plan for nurturing a culture of inquiry in classrooms and schools. Drawing from current research, case studies, and personal anecdotes, Llewellyn leads teachers on a personal  and professional journey to understanding inquiry-based instruction. Paying close attention to national standards, he shows teacher how to help students:

 - Develop an understanding of scientific concepts and the nature of science
 - Learn the skills and attitudes necessary to become independent thinkers and inquirers about the natural world
 - Identify questions and concepts that quide scientific investigations
 - Use logic and evidence to formulate and revise scientific explanations

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Research Councel, and the National Science Teachers Association all assert the importance of promoting scientic literacy though the perspectives and methods of Inquiry. Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry makes it doable
Constructing an Understanding of Scientific Inquiry
Learning About Inquiry Through Case Studies
Developing a Philosophy for Inquiry
Comparing Traditional and Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms
Integrating Inquiry-Based Activities
Modifying a Lab Activity Into an Inquiry Investigation
Managing the Inquiry-Based Classroom
Assessing Inquiry
Teaching Biology Through Inquiry
Teaching Earth Science Through Inquiry
Teaching Chemistry Through Inquiry
Teaching Physics Through Inquiry
Reflecting on a Teaching Career

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Douglas J. Llewellyn

Douglas Llewellyn teaches science education courses at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Previously, he was the K-12 Director of Science at the Rochester City School District, a secondary school principal, and a middle school science teacher. Llewellyn is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences on inquiry- and argument-based teaching, constructivist learning, and science leadership. More About Author

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