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Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Primary Schools

Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Primary Schools

First Edition

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February 2018 | 216 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE
How do you teach grammar, punctuation and spelling in primary schools in a way that sparks children’s interest?

Trainee and beginning teachers often find the teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling especially challenging as they are not confident in their own knowledge.  This book explores and provides the subject knowledge you will need to teach grammar, punctuation and spelling and gives guidance on how to teach it.  It helps you to build confidence in your own knowledge, opening up the subject and enabling them to approach teaching with ease.  Examples of effective lessons show you how to engage children’s interest in some of the more formal aspects of writing and throughout, activities and practical examples demonstrate how you can translate this learning into the classroom.

About the Transforming Primary QTS Series
This series reflects the new creative way schools are beginning to teach, taking a fresh approach to supporting trainees as they work towards primary QTS. Titles provide fully up to date resources focused on teaching a more integrated and inclusive curriculum, and texts draw out meaningful and explicit cross curricular links.
1. Teaching grammar
2. Words
3. Why spelling matters
4. Spelling and phonics
5. Teaching spelling rules, generalisations and tricky words
6. Punctuation
7. Apostrophes
8. Phrases, clauses and sentences
9. Putting it all together
Appendix 1: Glossary of terms
Appendix 2: Model answers to self-assessment questions

David Waugh

David Waugh is a former deputy headteacher who worked in ITT from 1990 at the University of Hull, where he led the PGCE course and became Head of Department. In 2008 he was appointed as one of two (the other being Wendy) National Strategies Regional Advisers for ITT. He is currently lectures at Durham University. He has published extensively in primary English, as well as developing e-learning resources for National Strategies for English, mathematics and mentoring and coaching. David also writes children’s stories, including The Wishroom, which was written with 45 children from 15 East Durham primary schools and published in 2017. More About Author

Claire Warner

Claire Warner is an education consultant for Primary English. Her recent roles include working as a senior adviser for literacy with the National Strategies, and as a senior lecturer and leader of undergraduate ITE programmes at Chester University. More About Author

Rosemary Waugh

Rosemary Waugh is a linguist and classics teacher at Queen Margaret's School York. She has a particular interest in the history and development of grammar and etymology, and in their evolution. More About Author

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