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Teaching from a Multicultural Perspective

Teaching from a Multicultural Perspective

Volume: 12
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Post-Graduate Study Skills

June 1994 | 118 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The authors of this volume, all experienced teachers and administrators, outline how to teach in a multicultural environment. They suggest classroom strategies, curriculum reforms and assessment tools that work for all students.
Juan C Gonzalez
Once You Accept, Then You Can Teach
Helen R Roberts
Diversity and Change on Campus
Ray Lou
Teaching All Students Equally
Otis Scott
Including Multicultural Content and Perspectives in Your Courses
Ann Johns
Language and Culture in the Classroom
Olita Harris
Equity in Classroom Assessment
Delores Huff
On Becoming a Mensch or a Mentor

Helen Roberts

Juan C. Gonzalez

Olita Harris

Delores Huff

Ann M. Johns

Ray Lou

Otis Scott

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