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Teaching Climate Change and Sustainability in the Primary Curriculum

Teaching Climate Change and Sustainability in the Primary Curriculum

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November 2023 | 216 pages | Learning Matters
The first aim of the DfE's 2022 Strategy for Sustainability and Climate Change is to prepare all young people for a world impacted by climate change through learning and practical experience.

This practical text for new teachers empowers them to develop their knowledge and understanding of climate change and sustainability. It supports them to develop confidence in discussing difficult themes and to create safe learning spaces that allow children to articulate concerns. The book provides a structure for learning and teaching about climate change and sustainability across the primary curriculum. All chapters are linked to relevant and authentic research and include suggestions for practical activities.
Susan Leonard
The Personal, Social, Emotional and Citizenship dimensions of sustainability education
Richard Dunne and Emilie Martin
Creating Harmony through Curriculum Design
Sarah Sprake and Emily Rotchell
Learning to care about our world in the Early Years
Deborah Pope
Becoming conservation champions through science learning
Susan Ogier and Lynda Chinaka
Teaching for Sustainability within Design and Computing Education
Anthony Barlow
Exploring the climate in context through Geography
Karin Doull
Exploring the History of humans and their environment
Verity Jones
Learning to care about the environment through picturebooks
Emese Hall
Education for sustainable development through art: Project CARE
Susie Townsend
Religious Education and sustainable living
Karin Doull and Susan Ogier with Tanya Bastian
Understanding our world challenges through mathematics
Alistair Greig
Exploring our world through Music and Sound Part 1: Sound Environments
Helen Mead, Sarah Lloyd, and Jon Audain
Exploring our world through Music and Sound Part 2: Connecting children to the environment through music
Alison Murray, Sarah Adams, Jo Nugent
Physical Education for sustainability and wellbeing

Karin Doull

Karin Doull is a principal lecturer at the University of Roehampton specialising primary history. She is a Chartered Teacher of History (CT Hist) and writes extensively for the Primary History journal. She is also active in promoting history through workshops, webinars and conference seminars. Karin has been involved in a number of fellowship projects including a Holocaust Teacher Fellowship (with the Imperial War Museum) and Transatlantic teacher fellowship (with The National Archives) working with international colleagues to explore twentieth century history.  More About Author

Susan Ogier

Susan Ogier is Senior Lecturer and Subject Co-Ordinator of Art and Design Education at University of Roehampton, UK. More About Author

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