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Teaching 14-19 Learners in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Teaching 14-19 Learners in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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January 2011 | 112 pages | Learning Matters
More and more, teachers in the lifelong learning sector are required to teach the 14-19 age group. This book is a practical guide to delivering learning to 14-19s. It begins by looking at the background to teaching 14-19 in FE and covers current pathways for achievement. Coverage of effective delivery of the new Diploma qualification is included, giving guidance on planning and assessment. It goes on to explore the challenges of behaviour, participation and re-engaging disaffected learners. Finally, it considers the wider context of building partnerships with schools and the needs of industry and employers.
Historical overview of 14-19 qualifications in the UK
Pathways to achievement
Teaching the 14-19 Diploma
Managing the behaviour of 14-19-year-olds in colleges
Education communities – the wider context

Recommended that students take a look at this book. New teachers have found this especially useful.

Mrs Cheryl Cameron
Academic and Professional Services, South Tyneside College
March 2, 2015

Very informative about this area, the book is written very much with the trainee teacher in mind.

Mrs Marcia Dewar
Sch of Education & Prof Development, Huddersfield University
February 9, 2014

As more 14-16 are coming into FE colleges, I felt I needed more information about this age group becuse my experience is with primary pupils or adults. Really help and have passed on to LSAs working with this age group too.

Ms Karen Freeman
BCPH, Northbrook College Sussex
October 1, 2013

A very useful resource for Initial teacher trainers and their students

Mrs Marilyn Hannan
Teaching and Learning Development, South Essex College
July 26, 2013

Good coverage of subject in some detail

Ms Glynis Gibbs
Education , Dundee University
May 30, 2013

A very readable book for students working in lifelong learning with some very good background information about the sector.
I have recommended this book to student undertaking the current CTLLS and DTLLS course, as well as those teachers who are qualified and working in the sector.

Ms Su Illingworth
Teacher Training, Craven College
April 11, 2013

Works well as supplemental reading for CTLLS and DTLLS.

Mr Robert Hunter
Initial Teacher training, City College Plymouth
May 2, 2012

This has been adopted for the 1st module

Dr Denise Summers
Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth
April 24, 2012

Sheine Peart

Sheine Peart taught in further education for 15 years, teaching numeracy and other vocational programmes. She was particularly engaged in working with learners with challenging behaviour and on E2E programmes. Prior to that she taught in secondary schools, worked as an LEA advisory teacher and youth worker. More About Author

Liz Atkins

Dr Liz Atkins is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Huddersfield. She has taught extensively in both further and higher education on both vocational and teacher education programmes and has also managed provision in which university programmes were taught in FE colleges. More About Author

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