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Teachers Today

Teachers Today
A Guide to Surviving Creatively

128 pages | Corwin
Current cultural and economic conditions can present a range of challenges to teachers, particularly when faced with the complex problems and needs of some students. Within this context, teachers must be able to meet students' educational and emotional needs, while ensuring their own personal survival. This guide uses research findings on teacher stress and `burnout' to provide support and encouragement to teachers. Suggestions offered include how to prioritize work, and how to recognize and tap administrative support.
Living with Stress Creatively
Taking Charge of Your Own Self-Care
Building Bridges, Creating Cooperation
Tips for Personal Intellectual Development
Attending to the Inner Life
Ways to Grow

Creating Flexibility, Openness, and Adaptability

Mary Z. McGrath

Mary Zabolio McGrath taught in the Bloomington, MN, public schools for 31 years, working as a classroom teacher, a demonstration teacher with the Project Read program, and as a special education teacher in the areas of learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and developmental delay. She has served as national secretary for the Council for Behavior Disorders and on the board of the Minnesota Council for Exceptional Children. McGrath has written articles for educators, parents, caregivers, and the general public. In addition, she has authored/coauthored books on educational subjects. Currently McGrath works as a professional speaker,... More About Author