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Teachers of Mathematics

Teachers of Mathematics
Some Aspects of Professional Life

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October 1980 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The professional life of mathematics teachers consists not only of work in classrooms, but also of the varied activities which support that work. This book describes and comments on many of those activities - induction, in-service courses, school-focused in-service training, links with industry and work in teachers' centres. It is compiled of contributions from many primary and secondary teachers, who speak about their in-service training needs and activities with a vivid clarity which will strike chords with teachers, employers and in-service providers alike.

The various chapters consider teachers as individuals, and maths teaching in primary and secondary schools. The book looks at the role of the local education authority in providing in-service training, and other courses provided by colleges and universities. A variety of types of professional development are considered, as well as trends and priorities in mathematics teaching.

The Professional Life of Teachers of Mathematics
Teachers as Individuals
In the Primary School
In the Secondary School
Links Between Schools
The Role of the LEA
Provision of Courses outside the LEA
The Variety of Professional Development
Trends and Priorities in Mathematics Teaching

Hilary Shuard

Douglas A Quadling

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ISBN: 9781853962479
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