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Tackling behaviour

Tackling behaviour and PSHE

Creating positive learning environments means thinking about a variety of things. Classroom behaviour is important but so is positive social and emotional wellbeing. We hope you find these resources useful to supplement your own hands-on school experiences. 

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Behaviour for Learning (B4L)

This chapter on B4L is a great starting point for new and training teachers. It focuses on how to establish and maintain a positive learning environment and build meaningful relationships with your students. 


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Put your solution-focused hat on

Having a “solution-focused” mind-set is beneficial all round but particularly when the going gets tough in the classroom. Here are 5 solution-focused tips to managing your classroom.  

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Ask Bill Rogers

To punish or not to punish? Do I have the right to be angry? What do I do if a student swears? What can I do if the class is completely out of control? Wonder no more - world-renowned behaviour expert Bill Rogers is here to help


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"Miss, you are not my mum!"

Your relationship with your students can play a key part in how they behave. This Chapter from Adele Bates' book will help you to understand why a positive relationship is important and how you can create one.

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Aristotle once famously said

"Educating the mind, without educating the heart is no education at all" With 1 in 10 five to 16 year olds in the UK now having a diagnosable mental health condition, it is vital you engage with issues around mental health and wellbeing in schools. Read this chapter  to understand why.

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Better Behaviour for All

How often do we talk about our own behaviour and examine the effect it has on the children we work with? Have you ever escalated a situation because of your behaviour that, with hindsight, you could have handled much better? Here are our top tips for managing your behaviour as a teacher.