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Sustaining Change in Organizations

Sustaining Change in Organizations

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Change Management

December 2014 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Indispensable to understanding change, this unique text provides a comprehensive examination of how change can be sustained within organizations today.

Featuring critical insights into theoretical concepts and current international examples, the book provides an accessible way for students to enhance their understanding and develop the crucial skills need to be successful when managing and leading change in organisations.

Key Features:

  • Synthesizes what is known about change in organizations and then provides practical ways of sustaining it
  • Contains an international range of case studies and interviews which link theory to practice throughout
  • Explores key contemporary topics such as power, politics, ethics and sustainability for an enhanced understanding of current debates and issues
  • Activities, discussion questions and further reading in each chapter test your understanding of the key concepts and reinforce your learning
  • End of book Glossary defines key terms, for those new to studying change.
  • Comes with access to additional resources for students and lecturers including relevant SAGE journal articles to encourage wider reading
Part One: The Essence of Change and Transformation
1: Introduction to Organizational Change and Transformation
2: Theoretical Approaches to Change and Transformation
3: Leading Change
4: Managing Change
Part Two: Recognizing the Need for Change
5: The Drivers for Change and Transformation
6: Diagnosing the Need and Readiness for Change
Part Three: Planning, Communicating and Implementing Change
7: Planning and Implementing Change
8: Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Learning
9: Changing Organizational Structures
10: Communication and Change
Part Four: People, Politics and Power during Change and Transformation
11: The Nature, Impact and Management of Attitudes Towards Change
12: Power, Politics and Conflict during Change
Part Five: Sustaining Change and Transformation
13: Ensuring Sustainable Change through Monitoring and Measurement
14: Contemporary Issues in Change and Transformation
15: Conclusion


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The landscape of change is vast, undulating and complex. Julie and Roger have managed to map this landscape very effectively. Their book is well structured combining the rigour of research with great examples from practice. This is an excellent text to use in supporting the teaching of change at either undergraduate or post graduate level. I will certainly be using it.

Malcolm Higgs
Professor of HR Management and Organisation Behaviour at Southampton Management School, UK

This is a timely text. A well-structured, comprehensive and innovative book that is both practically engaging and academically grounded. This is a must for any module or programme looking at change in organisations.

Gareth Edwards
Associate Professor of Leadership Development, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England

Julie Hodges and Roger Gill have presented a comprehensive summary of the landscape of organizational change.  ‘Sustaining Change in Organizations’ capably brings together a range of perspective and concepts of change, using these as a foundation for bringing the subject right up to date with contemporary ideas and examples.  While the book will win fans from business academia (it is very well referenced and signposts to further reading in each chapter), its accessible style with plenty of bite-sized cases, together with regular summaries, will no doubt see it gracing the desks of those of us tasked with delivering change for a living.  

Dr Simon Haslam
Visiting Fellow at Durham University Business School and head of the Institute of Directors strategy faculty

This book supports the module Individual and Organisational Behaviour Change completely. Very useful, with good references to academic research.

Ms Val Scholey
Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University
December 15, 2016

Fantastic book, sustainability and change management are examined in real depth.

Mrs Angela K Midgley
April 26, 2016

Some good chapters that are relevant to our module and students

Miss Roz Gasper
Bristol Business School, University of the West Of England
July 6, 2015

Useful case studies illustrate the text well

Ms Janette Bradnick
Department of Business, Kingston College
June 8, 2015

I would recommend this book to my Master as well as to my PhD students as an supplemental guide.

Professor Alfred Zimmermann
Faculty of Informatics, Reutlingen University of Applied Sci
May 26, 2015

The book combines sustainability and change management. It is important that a book gives an overview and combines the two topics. Well done!

Mr Michael Garkisch
School of Business & Technology, University of Applied Sciences Ansbach / FH-AN
May 5, 2015

useful for all types of health care professions

Ms Sheila Stott
Sch of Health,Community & Educ Studies, Northumbria University
March 18, 2015

Julie Hodges

Julie Hodges (PhD, MA, BA) is an academic and consultant.  She is currently Director of Global MBA Programmes at Durham University Business School.  Prior to joining academia, Julie worked for 20 years in a variety of management and leadership roles in companies across the globe, including the British Council, Vertex, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Julie has worked extensively in the academic and business world in the field of organizational change and development.    Julie is also a Senior fellow of the FME. More About Author

Roger Gill

Roger Gill is Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies at Durham University Business School (DUBS), Durham University in the UK, and an independent consultant on leadership and leadership development.  He supervises research both in DUBS and in Durham’s Department of Theology & Religion.  He is a Chartered Psychologist, a graduate of the universities of Oxford, Liverpool, and Bradford and a Fellow of the Leadership Trust Foundation. More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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