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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing
A Holistic Approach

Second Edition
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May 2021 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In a cutting-edge text that explores the sustainability practices that benefit companies, stakeholders and consumers, Peterson draws upon current research and industry examples to dissect the interplay between marketing and wider society. He encourages us to critically asses the demand for business to adapt profitably to sustainability guidelines or environmental concerns.

This new book:
  • Includes a range of pedagogic features such as; Throwing shade boxes, chapter overview & objectives, Mavericks who made it cases and end-of-chapter questions.
  • Is designed to suit a 12 week teaching term, featuring sustainability in marketing from a ‘macro’ and issues-based perspective.
  • Covers sustainability in the global marketing from different issues and perspectives and grounds theory in a wide range of recognisable examples such as Toms, Facebook, Juul, Costco, Greta Thunberg.

Part I: Macromarketing for Sustainable Marketing
Chapter 1: 21st Century Micro and Macro Issues
Chapter 2: Marketing and Society
Chapter 3: Stakeholders in Marketing
Chapter 4: The Role of Business in Society
Chapter 5: The Role of the State in Society
Part II: Important Factors Affecting Sustainable Marketing
Chapter 6: Globalization and Protectionism
Chapter 7: Contemporary Consumers
Part III: Sustainable Marketing for the Environment
Chapter 8: The Environmental Imperative
Chapter 9: Environmentally Oriented Business
Chapter 10: Sustainable Business Practices
Part IV: Sustainable Marketing for Equity
Chapter 11: Developing Markets
Chapter 12: Poverty Alleviation


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Instructor resources:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Teaching guide
  • Testbank
  • Essay questions
  • Resource pack

Mark Peterson

Dr. Peterson received his Ph.D. in marketing from Georgia Tech in 1994 and joined the University of Wyoming faculty in Fall 2007 where he teaches doctoral, MBA, and undergraduate students. He previously taught at the University of Texas at Arlington. His research interests include marketing and society issues, research methods, as well as international marketing. He is an associate editor for the Journal of Macromarketing, and has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the Macromarketing Society. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Macromarketing Society, and the International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS). His... More About Author