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Survival Math for Marketers

Survival Math for Marketers

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144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The key goal of Survival Math for Marketers is a solution to a common problem in business - namely, the lack of mathematics know-how among many business students and practitioners. There is an untapped `latent demand' in the marketing world from many people whose careers have been - or will be - thwarted because the math `haves' dominate the `have nots'. This book as an easy, fun, and inexpensive solution to this age-old problem.

Survival Math for Marketers is designed to be a useful book for introductory marketing courses. It is clearly written, filled with good examples, illustrations and makes entertaining reading.

Chapter 1. Your Credibility
It's Absolute and Definite (Maybe)

A Few Definitions

Why is This Important to Me?

A Short True-False Quiz

Reality and Perception

The Numbers Control Us

I Thought This Was a Math Book

Chapter 2. Figures Never Lie, but Liars Figure
It's Absolute and Definite (Maybe), Part II

Is "Actual" actually "Actual"?

Debits and Credits

The Chart of Accounts

Double Entry

Sales and Expenses

It's an Accrual, Accrual World

Chapter 3. Making a (Financial) Statement
How Are We Doing?

The Balance Sheet

The Income Statement

Fiscal Years

Chapter 4. Organizations, Measurements, and Standards
What Are We, Anyway?

Different Purposes, Different Rulers

Percentage of What?

The Pitfalls of Precision

Why Are We Looking Here?

The Unseen Costs of Saving Money

Too High? Too Low? What Standards?

Chapter 5. An Economics Excursion
Economics, Science, Markets, and Demand

Utility Is Not Just Gas

The Economists' Curve

Marketing and Elasticity

Chapter 6. Pricing and Profitability
Pricing: Theory and Practice

A True-False Quiz on Pricing

What a "Price" Really Is

There's More Than Price Involved in Price

A Small digression on Quality

Price vs. Cost

Markups and Break-even

Sensitive Pricing for Profit

What is the Company's Objective?

Pricing Policies You Should Have

Pricing for Services

Chapter 7. Costs and Profitability
Costs, Real and Imagined

Cost Allocation

Variable, Fixed, and Somewhere in Between

Why a Toilet Seat Costs $600

Over Whose Head?

Is Overhead a Burden?

Sunk and Avoidable Costs

Marginal Costs

Inventory and Stockturn


A Cost Control Fallacy

Fun with Depreciation and Amortization

Chapter 8. Strategy: Break-Even and Profitability
Profit is Why We're Here

Break Even

Must Everything Break Even?

Chapter 9. Cash
Cash Flow

Source and Use of Funds

Receivables and Payables: A/R and A/P

Cash Flows and Cash Gaps

Net Present Value

Chapter 10. Budgets
What is a Budget?

Basis for Budgets: Last Year, Percentage or Zero?

The Fantasy Factor

Cost Fudge and Revenue Cotton Candy

Don't Just Divide By 12

Revenues and Strategy

Chapter 11. Just Look at the Statistics
Mean Stuff and Deviations

That Average Just Moved!


Appendix A - A Summary of Non-Magic Formulae
Appendix B - Sample Chart of Accounts

Peter C. Weiglin

Peter Weiglin is an author, historian, and professional speaker on many topics. His company, Omnibus Communications, specializes in marketing strategy and communications consulting for companies in the publishing and computer fields. His clients have included Lockheed, Hundman Publishing, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, and North American Van Lines. He teaches management and marketing, most recently at the University of California at Berkeley Extension and has also worked as an auditor for a New York City-based accounting firm. ... More About Author

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