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Sunanda Ghosh

Sunanda Ghosh
Consultant, Content Strategy

Sunanda currently is part of the Content Strategy Committee for Books and Journals. She joined SAGE in 1986 as a Marketing Executive, worked in Marketing for several years before moving to head Sales. She has seen SAGE grow from a set up of about 25 people with an office in a small flat above a market to what it is today - a truly remarkable journey; and one that is still just taking off.

She has lived in Delhi all her life and went to school and university here. She studied Botany in university and went on to do a Ph.D. in reproductive physiology in plants. After a couple of years as a post-doctoral fellow, she moved streams completely and joined SAGE.

Outside of work she loves food - both eating and cooking it; plants interest her more than animals; she is however, fond of dogs and cats; and, reads crime fiction whenever she can.