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Successful Focus Groups

Successful Focus Groups
Advancing the State of the Art

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288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is the first book to systematically address the issues, practice wisdom and problems in conducting focus groups. Written by an interdisciplinary group of scholars, this well-integrated collection of articles represents the state of the art in focus group applications. It covers the basic principles of when and how to use focus groups, the applicability of focus group interviews to survey research and other methods, general issues in the use of focus groups, the specific problems of focus groups with different populations or settings and an agenda for future development of the method.
David L Morgan and Richard A Krueger
When to Use Focus Groups and Why
James H Frey and Andrea Fontana
The Group Interview in Social Research
John Knodel
The Design and Analysis of Focus Group Studies
A Practical Approach

Terrance L Albrecht, Gerianne M Johnson and Joseph B Walther
Understanding Communication Processes in Focus Groups
Richard A Krueger
Quality Control in Focus Group Research
Theodore D Fuller et al
Using Focus Groups to Adapt Survey Instruments to New Populations
Experience From a Developing Country

Kerth O'Brien
Improving Survey Questionnaires Through Focus Groups
Brent Wolff, John Knodel and Werasit Sittitrai
Focus Groups and Surveys as Complementary Research Methods
A Case Example

Benjamin F Crabtree et al
Selecting Individual or Group Interviews
Raymond V Padilla
Using Dialogical Methods in Group Interviews
Richard A Zeller
Focus Group Research on Sensitive Topics
Setting the Agenda Without Setting the Agenda

Robin L Jarrett
Focus Group Interviewing With Low-Income, Minority Populations
A Research Experience

Thomas Plaut, Suzanne Landis, and June Trevor
Focus Groups and Community Mobilization
A Case Study From Rural North Carolina

David L Morgan
Future Directions for Focus Groups

David L. Morgan

David L. Morgan is a professor emeritus in Department of Sociology at Portland State University. He is a sociological social psychologist, who is widely known for his work on focus groups, including his book, Focus Groups as Qualitative Research, and as coauthor of The Focus Group Kit. In addition, he has worked extensively on mixed methods, including a book for SAGE, Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods. Most recently, he has published Essentials of Dyadic Interviewing for Routledge, and A New Era in Focus Group Research, co-edited, with Rosaline Barbour, for Palgrave. More About Author

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