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Successful Diversity Management Initiatives

Successful Diversity Management Initiatives
A Blueprint for Planning and Implementation

  • Patricia Arredondo - Arredondo Advisory Group-Phoenix, USA, Arredondo Advisory Group-Phoenix, President, Arredondo Advisory Group-Phoenix, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA, Director, Clinical Inquiry, Medicine Patient Services, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Successful Diversity Management Initiatives presents the specific phases and steps to help plan, direct, and manage strategic organizational development, and serves as a developmental model for diversity-related change.

The Domain of Diversity Management
Preparing for an Initiative
Recognizing the Motivating Factors
Creating Vision and Mission Statements
Building Knowledge by Assessing Needs
Articulating Goals and Strategies
Implementing Diversity-Related Strategies
The Role of Education and Training
Evaluating Progress and Change
Identifying Enablers and Pitfalls for Diversity Initiatives
Modifying Strategic Plans
Recognizing and Rewarding Progress
Developmental Stages of a Diversity Management Process
The Future of Diversity Management

Patricia Arrendondo

Patricia Arredondo, Ed.D, is an Associate Professor in the Division of Psychology in Education at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. She earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. She is a licensed psychologist and began her professional career as a teacher. More About Author

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