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Substance Misuse in Adolescence

Substance Misuse in Adolescence

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September 1994 | 258 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book untangles popular beliefs about substance abuse issues from historical, clinical and research evidence to address questions such as: What factors cause teenagers to abuse drugs and alcohol? How much of a role do economic factors and neighbourhoods play?

Following an introduction which outlines the social history of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and heroin, the volume examines: individual, family, peer and community variables that contribute to substance misuse; resiliency factors that enable some adolescents to avoid such problems; substance abuse in rural and urban settings; pharmacological effects; and current treatment approaches.

Thomas P Gullotta and Gary M Blau
A Select Social History of the Psychoactive Drugs
Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin

Elaine Norman
Personal Factors Related to Substance Misuse
Risk Abatement and/or Resiliency Enhancement?

Sandra Turner
Family Variables Related to Adolescent Substance Misuse
Risk and Resiliency Factors

David F Duncan and Rick Petosa
Social and Community Factors Associated with Drug Use and Abuse Among Adolescents
Patricia Sivo Cole and Roger P Weissberg
Substance Use and Abuse among Urban Adolescents
Fay E Reilly et al
Substance Misuse among Rural Adolescents
Paul V Trad
Pharmacologic Aspects of Psychoactive Substances
Implications for Medical Management

Annette U Rickel and Evvie Becker-Lausen
Treating the Adolescent Drug Misuser
Aleta V Meyer
Minimization of Substance Abuse
What Can Be Said at this Point?

Thomas Nicholson
Social Policy and Adolescent Drug Consumption
The Legalization Option

Thomas P Gullotta
Adolescent Substance Misuse
Personal Reflections on a Theme


Thomas P. Gullotta

Prevention, Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, New London, CT. More About Author

Gerald R. Adams

Gerald Adams is a Professor of Family Relations and Human Development. He joined the University of Guelph faculty in 1990. Prior to immigration to Canada, he was a professor and chair of the Department of Family and Human Development at Utah State University.  He holds degrees in sociology, education, child psychology, human development and family studies.  More About Author

Raymond J. Montemayor

Parent-Adolescent Relations, Ohio State University. More About Author

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