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Substance Abuse in Children and Adolescents

Substance Abuse in Children and Adolescents
Evaluation and Intervention

March 1991 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The extent of the problem of substance abuse in young people and children, and current theory and research regarding causes and risk factors are discussed in this authoritative volume. Alternative intervention approaches are also explored - the authors detail various types of interventions and approaches that have arisen from community, school and media-based efforts.

A highlight of the book is material on the evaluation of intervention programmes and on the dissemination of these programmes beyond the confines of research.

Patterns of Substance Abuse Among Adolescents
Etiology and Theory
Approaches to Substance-Abuse Prevention
Substance-Abuse Treatment Programs for Adolescents
The Evaluation of Interventions
The Dissemination of Interventions

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Steven Schinke

Gilbert J. Botvin

Mario A. Orlandi

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