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Studying Leadership

Studying Leadership
Traditional and Critical Approaches

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March 2014 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This innovative new text will guide students of leadership through the past, current and future of the discipline. It goes beyond the standard topics covered in existing texts to introduce some exciting new themes such as authenticity, toxicity, followership, gender, diversity, arts, aesthetics, language, identity, ethics and sustainability. This makes for a fascinating read, and allows for a more holistic and deeper understanding of the field.

A range of in-text features have been developed to enhance your learning experience including boxes highlighting key debates and encouraging critical analysis, 6 long integrative case studies and numerous vignettes to help you apply theory to practice, over 140 reflective questions to test your understanding as well as further reading lists.

Introduction: Mapping Different Approaches to Studying Leadership
Part I: Traditional Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 1: Leadership and Management
Chapter 2: Leadership Competencies: Traits, Skills, Styles and Intelligences
Chapter 3: Contingency and LMX Theories of Leadership
Chapter 4: Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Part II: Current Issues in Leadership
Chapter 5: Perspectives on Leadership Context
Chapter 6: Followership, Psychoanalytic and Relational Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 7: Leadership and Power
Chapter 8: Strategic Leadership and Leading Change
Chapter 9: Distributed Leadership
Chapter 10: Leadership and Culture
Chapter 11: Leadership Learning and Development
Part III: Critical Issues in Leadership
Chapter 12: Leadership: Gender and Diversity
Chapter 13: Issues of Ethics, Sustainability, Authenticity and Toxicity
Chapter 14: Leadership, Language and Identity
Chapter 15: Leadership, Arts and Aesthetics


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This includes some very useful chapters.

Dr Alhajie Saidy Khan
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
March 5, 2015

Well written and comprehensive. Website is very useful. Used for both level 6 and 7. It has now made it onto our 'essential' list. Highly recommended.

Ms Jay Henry
Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
February 24, 2015

Multi-theme book well received in the Leadership course

Ms Taina Savolainen
Business School, University of Eastern Finland
February 5, 2015

A helpful introduction to leadership with many case studies and reflective exercises included to engage students.

Dr Anthony Thorpe
School of Education, Roehampton University
January 16, 2015

Vignettes, tables and reflective questions serve to both illustrate and challenge the reader to go beyond the text to new levels of understanding. No matter what level of study or professional practice area a student is involved in this text will add value to their reading, learning and development

Mr Timothy Wallis
Health, University Campus Oldham
December 19, 2014

A very good reader on leadership studies with a UK bias. I particularly liked the critical thinking and reflective questions boxes at the end of each chapter.

Mr Liam Higgins
Southampton Business School, Southampton Solent University
December 15, 2014

a rounded exploration of this critical area

Mr Richard Kotter
Geography & Environmental Management, Northumbria University
December 12, 2014

There is already a wide range of specialist leadership books for those working in education. This book provides a good basic introduction to key leadership theories but is not specific to education (although the chapter on distributed leadership does make use of the literature from the education sector). I like its critical perspective, however, and will recommend relevant chapters to MA students.

Ms Linet Arthur
Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University
December 10, 2014

THis book has been widely read by the current cohort and will also be used in the 2015 course which has an enhanced focus on leadership.

Dr Katy Newell-Jones
GP School, Health Education Thames Valley
December 10, 2014

This book offers a very good analysis of mainstream and critical perspectives on leadership, as well as an exploration of current key issues informing the debates in the field of leadership. It provides a sound basis for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Professor Manuel Graca
Faculdade De Economia, University of Porto
December 1, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 12: Leadership, Gender and Diversity

Doris Schedlitzki

Doris Schedlitzki is Professor in Organisational Leadership at London Metropolitan University. Doris’ main research focus is on leadership and explores the areas of cultural studies of leadership, discourse and leadership, leadership as identity, psychoanalytic approaches to leadership and the role of national language within cultural leadership studies. Recent publications include articles and Special Issues in Leadership, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Management Learning, International Journal of Management Reviews, Human Relations, International Journal of Management Education, as well as a textbook on Leadership entitled ... More About Author

Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards is Associate Professor of Leadership Development in the field of Organisation Studies at the University of the West of England. More About Author

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