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Studying Leadership

Studying Leadership
Traditional and Critical Approaches

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March 2014 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This innovative new text will guide students of leadership through the past, current and future of the discipline. It goes beyond the standard topics covered in existing texts to introduce some exciting new themes such as authenticity, toxicity, followership, gender, diversity, arts, aesthetics, language, identity, ethics and sustainability. This makes for a fascinating read, and allows for a more holistic and deeper understanding of the field.

A range of in-text features have been developed to enhance your learning experience including boxes highlighting key debates and encouraging critical analysis, 6 long integrative case studies and numerous vignettes to help you apply theory to practice, over 140 reflective questions to test your understanding as well as further reading lists.

Introduction: Mapping Different Approaches to Studying Leadership
Part I: Traditional Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 1: Leadership and Management
Chapter 2: Leadership Competencies: Traits, Skills, Styles and Intelligences
Chapter 3: Contingency and LMX Theories of Leadership
Chapter 4: Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Part II: Current Issues in Leadership
Chapter 5: Perspectives on Leadership Context
Chapter 6: Followership, Psychoanalytic and Relational Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 7: Leadership and Power
Chapter 8: Strategic Leadership and Leading Change
Chapter 9: Distributed Leadership
Chapter 10: Leadership and Culture
Chapter 11: Leadership Learning and Development
Part III: Critical Issues in Leadership
Chapter 12: Leadership: Gender and Diversity
Chapter 13: Issues of Ethics, Sustainability, Authenticity and Toxicity
Chapter 14: Leadership, Language and Identity
Chapter 15: Leadership, Arts and Aesthetics


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‘This book has the potential of being a core text for academics, research students (MSc, PhD, DBA) and academic-consultants.’

Javier Marcos
Cranfield University

‘The chapters set out some of the key issues in leadership studies at the current time. They successfully combine a review of the theoretical position in leadership and give a critical assessment of these theories in the current leadership climate.'

DR. Claire Collins
Henley Business School, University of Reading

‘This book is well constructed and very well researched. It has a clearly thought out logical flow with enough material to inform and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate students.'

Lise Georgeson
St Mary’s University College

‘A distinctive book written in an eloquent style and manner that captures the readers’ imagination of the past, present and future perception of leadership. It highlights and draws together the main concepts covered in each chapter and provides a very good basis for understanding leadership. This book is readable, credible and avoids jargon. Thus, it helps both UG and PG students to conceptualise leadership at a higher level.’

Denis Hyams-Ssekas
University Campus Oldham

'Beautifully printed and presented, written with style and flair by two respected lecturers in business studies at the University of the West of England's Bristol-based business school, it reminded me of how many decades have passed since my own studies, and how much I would have welcomed a text book such as this, had one been available at that time....[W]hile I do feel it would interest anyone fascinated by the history of Leadership, a critical appraisal of where it stands today, how it impacts on so many other disciplines that are usually not treated at length in other texts, and where it is heading, it is clearly of real interest and usefulness to university and postgraduate students, to whom it will provide a lot of food for thought and study.'

Terry Goodwin
Marketing Consultant

Clear, simple and up to date exploration of key issues in leadership studies.

Dr Joseph Ebot Eyong
Management , University of the West Of England
September 23, 2016

An interesting and informative textbook on leadership approaches, theories and concepts. Its resasonable structure allows to adress traditional leadership approaches together with the current and critical perspectives. A good balance between academic rigor and pedagogical aims, with "vignettes", "reflecting questions" and "critical thinking boxes" used in a reasonable and helpful way.

Ms Irma Rybnikova
Business and Administration, Technical University of Chemnitz
August 18, 2015

A great book with good coverage in a topical manner. We will be adopting this book as the key text in a newly re-validated module starting September 2016 as a replacement to the more theory-by-theory style current one.

Mrs Janette Hurst
Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University
June 22, 2015

The book very interesting however I no longer contribute to this aspect of the MA Ed.

Ms Therese Lewis
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
March 17, 2015

Very good in includes many traditional and more recent theories of leadership

Dr Alexandros Psychogios
Hull University Business School, The University of Hull
March 11, 2015

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 12: Leadership, Gender and Diversity

Doris Schedlitzki

Doris Schedlitzki is Professor in Organisational Leadership at London Metropolitan University. Doris’ main research focus is on leadership and explores the areas of cultural studies of leadership, discourse and leadership, leadership as identity, psychoanalytic approaches to leadership and the role of national language within cultural leadership studies. Recent publications include articles and Special Issues in Leadership, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Management Learning, International Journal of Management Reviews, Human Relations, International Journal of Management Education, as well as a textbook on Leadership entitled ... More About Author

Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards is Associate Professor of Leadership Development in the field of Organisation Studies at the University of the West of England. More About Author

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