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Studying Interpersonal Communication

Studying Interpersonal Communication
The Research Experience

February 1991 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Judgements, inferences and generalizations about interpersonal communication are made by us all. However, our observations are just the first step in understanding this phenomenon. This volume examines the systematic empirical study of interpersonal communication.

Clark lays the groundwork for understanding systematic procedures, with an emphasis on experimental methodology. With this introduction to empirical study, readers can learn to become critical consumers of empirical research in interpersonal communication.

The Nature of Communication Research
Evaluation of the Research Question
Internal Validity of a Design
External Validity of a Study
Operationalizing the Independent Variable
Treatment of Subjects
Evaluating a Dependent Measure
Types of Dependent Measures
Describing a Data Set
Central Tendency and Dispersion

Generalizing from Sample Means to a Population
Describing the Association Among Variables
Reporting the Study

Ruth Anne Clark

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