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Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia

Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia

Second Edition
Edited by:

192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Full of advice on topics such as note taking, reading strategies and exam technique, this fully revised and updated new edition will motivate, inspire and guide you through your college studies. The advice and tools provided will help you plan your work, improve your skills and boost your confidence.

The new edition has a new chapter on writing your dissertation, more on spelling, more on using statistics, more on planning and timetabling techniques, more on using technology to help you, and expanded advice on preparing and giving presentations. Included with the book is a CD Rom that supplies an electronic copy of the book, editable planners and other resources, internet links to further information, templates and additional help.


Jamie Crabb, Jane Davis and Sandra Hargreaves
Managing Your Workload
Sandra Hargreaves and Paula Baty
Understanding Your Preferred Learning Style
Kay McEachran
Note-Taking and Note-Making
Peri Batliwala and Judith Cattermole
Reading Strategies and Speed-Reading
Sandra Hargreaves
Answering Essay Questions
Helen Birkmyre
Structuring Different Writing Genres
Cheri Shone
The Dissertation
Sandra Hargreaves and John Brennan
Improving Your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
Judith Cattermole and John Brennan
Improving Mathematics Skills and Using Statistics
Sandra Hargreaves
Examination Techniques
Paula Baty
Collaborative Learning

'Informative, clear and well-structured, providing practical advice and excellent tips, this is a must for HE students with SpLDs and staff'
- Sally Freeman, Chair, ADSHE

Praise for the First Edition:

'With all the contributors having completed the Postgraduate Certificate: Teaching Adult Dyslexic Learners in Higher Education…this reader felt that the study skills discussed were tried, tested and reliable. I shall recommend this book to confident undergraduates or those who have good teacher/support'
- The Patoss Bulletin

This is an excellent book for both students with dyslexia and academic staff who are supporting students with Dyslexia. It has a range of resources on a DVD and a number of suggestions on ways to support students. A very important book to promote inclusion in higher education. The book has been recommended for students at all levels of study.

Mrs Hayley Elizabeth Palfreyman
School of Social Work, Kingston University
February 24, 2016

I feel this is supplemental for tutors and students basic understanding and techniques in dyslexia

Mrs Janette Barker
H.E Care, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
October 8, 2015

A very useful text for students with mild to moderate learning challenges and also for practitioners.

Mr Iqbal Ullah
Business, Management & Professional HE, Loughborough College
July 6, 2015

This is recommended for staff dealing with Dyslexia among students as well as for those particular students. The visual nature of many of the pages helps consolidate the points made. Perhaps we should be allowing students to make more points with diagrams. The book covers more than we need as we are a theological college, not a maths and general one for which there are chapters but the reading strategies, the help with grammar are helpful for those without any obvious dyslexia too.

Dr Anne Dyer
Postgraduate, Cliff College
March 2, 2015

Although designed to support students with Dyslexia, this text is suitable for all undergraduate students embarking on their programme of study. It provides invaluable advice and strategies to help students with Dyslexia. The language, structure and design are accessible and the additional resources supplied on the CD-ROM are particularly useful for integration with other assistive software. This is also an informative text for staff who are supporting students with Dyslexia

Mrs Jeanette MacNaught
Scarborough Centre for Health Care Studies, Hull University
January 12, 2015

Clearly written text. Useful ideas for example for spelling, punctuation and grammar and how to manage your workload.

Ms Carol Setchell
Education , Central Sussex College
August 26, 2014

This text incorporates time management and personal development as priority study skills which is more than helpful. As the chapters focus on common issues for students with Dyslexia, it is pleasing to note the legibility of them.

Ms Michelle Robinson
Division of Medical Education, Kings College
June 6, 2014

The information in this text will be particularly useful for our students with dyslexia. The section about maths and numeracy is being highlighted on all students' reading lists as it will be helpful for students with other issues - e.g. maths anxiety

Mrs Karen Hudson
Health , Essex University
April 15, 2014

This is an immensly practical book, which will be of key help to students in FE/ HE with dyslexia, as well as their tutors

Dr Dominic Griffiths
School of Education and Community, Glyndwr University
January 14, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Sandra Hargreaves

Sandra Hargreaves was the Programme Leader for the Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adult Dyslexic Learners in Higher Education at London Metropolitan University.Sandra Hargreaves was the Course Leader for both the MA SpLD and the PGDip in Assessment for SpLD (Dyslexia) at London Metropolitan University, where she was a Teaching Fellow. In addition she was Module Leader for Supporting Adult Learners with SpLD, which is part of the MA SpLD run jointly by the Dyslexia Association in Singapore and London Metropolitan University. She is the Director of Mind Aligned ( Mind Aligned is a service which covers a range of... More About Author