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Study Skills for Business and Management

Study Skills for Business and Management
How to Succeed at University and Beyond

First Edition
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December 2013 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Want to stand out from the thousands of other business and management students when you graduate from university?

This comprehensive study skills book gives you all the tools and techniques needed to graduate with a better degree than you thought possible. Study Skills for Business and Management is written in an entertaining and non-patronising way and is filled with examples and case studies. With chapters on efficient and effective reading, working in groups, managing and writing essays and succeeding in exams, this textbook is written specifically with business and management students' needs in mind.

Key features:

  • Written by an academic and a recent business and management graduate who are in touch with what it is like to study Business and Management today and the challenges students face
  • Based on primary research in to which study skills are the most effective, providing an evidence-based approach that you can trust in and saving you precious time
  • Contains a wealth of current examples from recent business and management graduates, highlighting examples of good practice as well as common pitfalls to avoid

Student Success is a series of essential guides for students of all levels. From how to think critically and write great essays to boosting your employability and managing your wellbeing, the Student Success series helps you study smarter and get the best from your time at university. 

Planning and goal setting
Mind Maps
Effective and Efficient Reading
Lectures and Lecturers
Fear and stress
Making Time Work
Leading and being led
Working in Groups
Essay writing
Succeeding in Exams
Business communication
Securing your Career


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This is a good book for first year and second year undergraduates, who often enter university lacking fundamental study skills. As of next year, I will be recommending it to my second year students. The chapters on group work and presentation are highly relevant, as much assessment these days is group work based. The book is slightly let down by a lack of focus on numeracy, which is an essential business skill. There could also be more on memorisation and handwriting of notes - the old fashioned skills that prove very useful in examinations. Overall however, the content is good and I wish I had it when I was an undergraduate. The only problem I see is a slight lack of specificity - what study skills do business students need that humanities students can do without? I am thinking of writing my own title to discuss these issues. Overall however, this is definitely a useful and interesting book. I can't put a general study skills book on our essential reading lists, but I will be recommending it in the classroom.

Mr Kenneth Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
January 5, 2015

An excellent supplemental resource for undergraduate students in these subject areas on a range of academic skills areas. I especially liked the group work, time management and presentation skills sections.

Mr John Knight
Learning Development Unit, Bucks New University
December 15, 2014

Will be recommending this again this year to second year undergraduate students of business and management.

Mr Kenneth Anthony Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
September 2, 2015

Excellent supportive text book for students new to academic study.

Mrs Lisa Rees
Business School, OLC Europe
November 11, 2014

The book does not exactly matched our syllabus but is highly recommended for all students especially freshmen.

Dr Mo Willan
November 3, 2014

Should actually serve as a good context text for all undergraduates

Ms Lise Georgeson
Dept of Management Studies, St Mary's University, Twickenham
September 26, 2014

This book has been well recieved by students about to embark on a univisity course in business and management.

Mrs Michelle Grainger
Sheffield Centre, LifeSkills
August 15, 2014

I would recommend this textbook to our students within the business school - particularly those on generalist business courses. I felt that the sections on group work and business communications (including tips on effective and appropriate use of social media) were really useful, and will refer to these in workshops/sessions. I think some of our students may struggle with chapters on essay writing and exams, as by the time they use our service (academic support) they are often looking for quick guidance rather than a chapter of text to read.

Mr Aron Truss
Faculty, Portsmouth Business School
July 21, 2014

Has been recommended to our undergraduate students

Dr Timothy Osadiya
Business & Humanities, Seevic College
March 20, 2014

one author was a recent student, so a contemporary take on this essential subject.

Mr Liam Higgins
Southampton Business School, Southampton Solent University
March 5, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Planning and goal setting

Patrick Tissington

Patrick Tissington is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. He teaches leadership, organizational behaviour, critical incident analysis and team working. Students are undergraduate and postgraduate and range in age from 19 to 60 and arrive on his programme with the complete spectrum of experience in essay writing. This book is aimed at helping those who have no experience of essay writing to understand how it is done. It is also for those who need to improve their skills or refresh their knowledge perhaps after a break from studies. His research is in the use of technology in learning and what makes for... More About Author

Christos Orthodoxou

Christos Orthodoxou is Business Partnerships Assistant at Aston University, having achieved a first class honours Business and Management degree and a Beta Gamma Sigma award for reaching top 10% of year group. More About Author