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Studies in Indian Sociology

Studies in Indian Sociology
Indian Sociology: Issues & Challenges

First Edition
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Volume: 1
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January 2014 | 288 pages | SAGE India

This volume includes 15 articles and highlights the challenges faced by the present-day sociologists in the context of development and growth of knowledge in other sectors. The selected articles discuss the growth of the sociology discipline over the past 75 years so that one can get a cross-section of the thinking of sociologists towards the growth, issues and challenges faced from time to time.

Series Note
T K Oommen
Thara Bhai
D P Mukerji
Sociology in Independent India
R N Saksena
Sociology of Development and Planning in India
Ramkrishna Mukherjee
Indian Sociology: Historical Development and Present Problems
Yogendra Singh
The Role of Social Sciences in India: A Sociology of Knowledge
Krishna Prakash Gupta
Sociology of Indian Tradition and Tradition of Indian Sociology
C Lakshmanna
Teaching and Research in Sociology in India
P C Joshi
Reflections on Social Science Research in India
A R Momin
Indian Sociology: Search for Authentic Identity
Jayant K Lele
Indian Sociology and Sociology in India: Some Reflexions on Their Being
T K Oommen
Sociology in India: A Plea for Contextualisation
M N Srinivas
Sociology in India and Its Future
Victor S D'Souza
Beyond Fifty Years of India’s Independence: Challenges to Scientific Sociology
Hetukar Jha
Indian Sociology in Crisis: The Need for Regional Orientation
Ravinder Kaur
Locating the Humanities and the Social Sciences in Institutes of Technology
Andre Beteille
Sociology and Current Affairs

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L. Thara Bhai

L Thara Bhai has more than 37 years of experience in teaching and research in Sociology. She was Senior Professor and Head in the Department of Sociology at Madurai Kamaraj University. She specialises in Sociology of Religion, Social Change and Women’s Studies. She has written 11 books and has about 50 articles to her credit. Dr Thara Bhai received the Tamil Nadu State Government Award for the Best Social Scientist in 2003. More About Author

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