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From Burnout To Balance

First Edition

December 2004 | 209 pages | SAGE Response
Exploring the effects of physiological stress, this volume looks at ways to reduce these effects and to improve health overall. In addition to defining stress, the author discusses: personality types and temperaments; stress and reproduction; the immune system; depression; memory and stress; and ageing. He also provides practical tips on stress management techniques, including breathing exercises, massage and physical exercise.
What Is Stress?
Stress Response
Heart Attacks
Does Stress Cause Ulcers?
Personality Type and Temperament
Stress and Reproduction
The Immune System
Memory and Stress
Stress Management
A Scientific Background

Techniques for Stress Management
The `P' Word

Vinay V Joshi

Vinay V Joshi has a degree in B.E. (Production Engineering) from Mumbai University and did his M.S. in Computer Sciences from Cambridge University, UK. He is Chairman, Medstream Pharmaceuticals. He is founder of Comutee Robotics Pvt. Ltd. And Consultant, J.P. Morgan Financial Services, New York. More About Author

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