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Strategy as Practice

Strategy as Practice
An Activity Based Approach

First Edition

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216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Strategy as Practice heralds a defining moment in how strategic management is understood. Paula Jarzabkowski's book leads the way in setting out the meaning and implications of this new field. This book is the first of its kind to help readers bridge the gap between what managers actually do and organizational strategies. It provides an activity-based framework for studying strategy as practice, with empirical evidence to illustrate the dynamics of this framework in real terms. The book supports readers with:

- Definition of key terms
- The context in which strategy as practice has developed
- Clear concepts, frameworks and models for analyzing strategic activity

"This is a pioneering work. As the first book in the new strategy-as-practice field, it offers its readers both innovative models and exemplary field research. It should be a rich source of inspiration for future researchers in the field."
-- Richard Whittington, Said Business School, University of Oxford, U.K.

This book is indispensable reading for graduate students conducting research or doing courses on Strategy and Practice, Strategy Implementation or Strategy in Action as well as Advanced Issues in Strategy. This book will be a resource for both students and professionals alike.

Strategy as Practice: A New Perspective

Core Social Theory Themes in Strategy as Practice
Locating Activity in the Strategy Literature
Establishing the Research Context
Implications of Procedural and Interactive Strategizing
Shaping Strategy and the Strategizing Matrix
Multiple Strategies Shape Each Other
Developing a Strategizing Framework
Taking the Research Agenda Forward

'Given the book is the first to deal with 'strategy-as-practice' in depth, it becomes vital to set the contours of the field and lay the path for future research, both achieved in an admirable fashion. More importantly, it also raises several questions and forces the reader to embark on an invigorating thought process -the hallmark of an interesting book for the serious reader.'
Srinivas Gunta
IIMB Management Review

Reviews for Higher education Market:

'This volume will appeal to researchers, students and those engaged in

strategic management in higher education. The case study material

provides a detailed portrait of the ways in which senior managers engage

in strategic development. Overall, the volume provides rich insights on

strategic management in higher education'

-Professor Bob Burgess, Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester

'This is a completely original account of three contrasting universities' approach to creating and managing strategy in modern conditions. The problem of multiple strategies which interact with one another will be recognised by every practitioner but have not been described in this way before." Strategy as Practice" represents an important contribution to higher education literature because it theorises decisions and strategies which are for the most part instinctive responses to external realities'

- Professor Michael Shattock was Registrar of the University of Warwick before taking up his Visiting Professorship at the Institute of Education, University of London, where he is Director of the MBA in Higher Education Management.

Overall, I found this book insightful and intriguing. As an interested

outsider, I appreciated the aim of the activity-based framework and its key

concepts. While I believe that many scholars will similarly recognize the

significance of the theoretical apparatus developed, the real value of the book

lies in the fact that it raises more questions than it answers. This is especially helpful in emerging areas of research, and in this case, Jarzabkowski has astutely signaled an agenda for future scholarship that will no doubt fuel the

continued growth of this subfield.

Jarzabkowski’s book is a welcome contribution and introduction to the emerging strategy-as-practice research community. Jarzabkowski has astutely signaled an agenda for future scholarship that will no doubt fuel the continued growth of this subfield.

Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta, School of Business and National Institute for Nanotechnology, Canada
Organization Studies

Paula Jarzabkowski

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